Mahlia Sawyer Estrada – On Moderation

Moderation is a word that has always echoed in my brain for as long as I can remember. There were moments where my mom would walk into the kitchen and catch me attempting to stealthily eat a chocolate chip cookie, and I would receive her famous line, “You have to balance things out and do everything in moderation!” With the amount of times this has … Continue reading Mahlia Sawyer Estrada – On Moderation

Jacob Bulis – Jazz Poetry

Jazz poetry A genre and a culture New to America Defining the older generations Influencing many for one hundred years Music from a diverse source Spreading across the country Humble beginnings in New Orleans  To stages in New York City Born out of strife Made great by a persecuted community Jazz New York, an idolized city Once considered a center of American culture Influenced by … Continue reading Jacob Bulis – Jazz Poetry

Kiara Stone

Kiara Stone   Creative Writing  Mr. Singer   26 May 2021               Image   Image- a presentation of the external form of a person or thing in art.   I wear a black Nike backpack with a gold elite sign down the middle.   What can people tell about me?   They see my flashy new shoes and how I wear different shoes everyday.   My classmates come up to me and ask me what sport … Continue reading Kiara Stone

Karla Huber – The Godmother

Part One           There in a dark room we sat, me, my brother, a father asking for justice, and her. Sitting in silence on the dark mahogany rocking chair behind the matching grand desk, our Godmother, Veita Corleone. After time passes the man approaches and kisses our Godmother on the cheek and starts to speak, “you must help me, and my daughter. You see, my daughter … Continue reading Karla Huber – The Godmother

Zoe Allen – A Collection of Poems

Beige ( a place called school)  Day by day go on, cracking dawn with blinding light  Till the break of dust, right before the sharks decide thrust  Weeks by weeks  Filled with defeats  Tests are all way too hard. Just like the concret Affects my self-esteem way too far.  Teachers say not to fear  For They will always be here.  Being a follower is never … Continue reading Zoe Allen – A Collection of Poems

Kayla Jean Libago – Stars Adorned

A multitude of stars adorned the sweeping sky, whilst thunderous magentas and purple hues dominated the zenith, casting a broad trail of  berry-stained cotton. Her knees trembled at this unworldly sight, with a sigh from her quivering lips. Lustrous! Lustrous! Her mouth was agape! A dark syrup cascaded down their soft peaks, sweet and sharp, curling towards her with stretched, soft reaches. She was minuscule … Continue reading Kayla Jean Libago – Stars Adorned