Jake Galvan – “A Caravan from Canada” (News Satire)

On Thursday , December 13th, a caravan of 7,000 Canadian immigrants gushed into the town of Langley, a sub city of Vancouver, which rested a few miles north from the Washington-Canadian border. Fleeing boring politics and free healthcare, the immigrants are determined to enter the United States, legally or illegally. It all started somewhere in the Canadian Wilderness a few months ago, word had just … Continue reading Jake Galvan – “A Caravan from Canada” (News Satire)

MaryRose Johnson – “The Possibility of Lasting Love”

The butterfly has been an embodiment of beauty forever. The perfect symmetry of their wings can take anyone’s breath away, but did you know that it takes approximately four weeks for a calliper to become a butterfly? Something so beautiful and perfect could never happen over night; it’s preposterous to think perfection can be achieved right away. A caterpillar must be ready to become a … Continue reading MaryRose Johnson – “The Possibility of Lasting Love”

Sydney Ball – “The Getaway”

The young flight attendant who looked as if she hadn’t slept in a while escorted me to my seat 3b. Trying to hide her exhaustion, she offered to place my purse into the overhead storage. I spread my belongings on the seat beside me, which was vacant as I was told by the flight attendant. Eventually, the plane began to take off, speeding up as … Continue reading Sydney Ball – “The Getaway”

Nelly Ramos-Laguna – “The Face of Beauty”

A tall city landscape, rising higher. The blue and green lights flashing throughout the night. A cold breeze blowing, silently like an invisible presence, across the faces of the 70,000 people in the stadium. The wind on the verge of uncomfortable, but with the heat of all the sweaty bodies, it was a nice refresher. Behind the rowdy noise of the crowd, Laura sat watching … Continue reading Nelly Ramos-Laguna – “The Face of Beauty”

Reese Wyman – “The Dinner Party”

“Hello?” Caroline said in answer to the ring of her phone. “Hi, this is Alicia,” the person on the other end of the phone answered. “Oh, how have you been, Alicia? The last time we talked was probably three years ago, right after your thirtieth birthday,” Caroline exclaimed to her phone. “Just dandy, Caroline. I haven’t seen you in a long time though and I … Continue reading Reese Wyman – “The Dinner Party”

Jessica Silva – “Murder at Christmas”

The door of the bar swung open as three friends in their 20s trotted in contently, chattering about their week and their weekend to come. The bartender flashed them a grin and asked them what they’d like to drink. They took a seat at the bar and ordered. Nate, Tyler, and Curtis received their drinks and let out a sigh, almost in unison. They each … Continue reading Jessica Silva – “Murder at Christmas”

Kasey Schuler – “The Moon Only Comes out at Night”

Shayla wasn’t used to talking to people. She didn’t like to, therefore she did everything she could to avoid it. She sat in the library at lunch, the best place. The place where you weren’t allowed to talk.  She avoided people in the hallway as much as possible, not that anyone wanted to talk to her. No one knew her. Well, that was because no … Continue reading Kasey Schuler – “The Moon Only Comes out at Night”

Natalie Doelman – “An Unfortunate Town”

    “No, this is not happening. Nope. What do you mean? No, this couldn’t have happened. This is some kind of sick joke. Knock it off Maisel. Tell me you aren’t serious. He wouldn’t just do that. Not on his own accord. Nope,” Jane could feel her eyes watering and her hands were shaking as she held her phone to her ear. Jane was a … Continue reading Natalie Doelman – “An Unfortunate Town”

Zada Boitano – “Wake me up”

“I, Sebastian King, am here today to tell you a story… my story. I was first born in Erly, Pennsylvania, a few years after my lovely sister, Amanda…” Sebastian gestured to his sister at the podium next to him, and she wiped a tear from her face and smiled slightly. “…At the age of twelve, I was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury following a car … Continue reading Zada Boitano – “Wake me up”