Matthew Sommerfeld – “The Dark Forest”

Sylvan set his cup down hard on the beaten table of the inn. The clamor of the barkeep and drunken fools yelling at each other with unrecognizable emotions behind their laughs, shouts, and slurs, was overbearing to the his ears. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the sounds of insanity around him as he took a bite of his steak. He had … Continue reading Matthew Sommerfeld – “The Dark Forest”

Michael Curry – “Memoriae Mori”

The steady drip….drip….drip of droplets hitting water was the first thing Amaril noticed, the sound resonating throughout whatever room he was in. When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the middle of a sewer tunnel, staring up at the brickwork roof as his eyes adjusted to the stygian darkness. The smell of the sewer, a disgusting combination of bile and rot, was muted … Continue reading Michael Curry – “Memoriae Mori”

Johnathan Pascual – “The Wanderer”

The little priestess, Luna, joins the adventurer’s guild in the big city she recently moved into, she is also given a necklace with a bronze medal to show her rank. Usually the job for a priestess on adventurers is to perform supporting miracles that will aid her allies in battle, it comes down to healing, buffing her allies strength, or casting wards of protection. She … Continue reading Johnathan Pascual – “The Wanderer”

Ally Downing – ” The Land of Agliven: The Power of the Flame ”

     If looks could kill. Every minute building up to this made my stomach turn. It has been a month since I showed up in Agliven and found out that the evil warlock here, was actually my brother, who killed my parents all because he wanted more power. Just looking at his face filled my entire body with anger. Visions of my childhood flashed in my … Continue reading Ally Downing – ” The Land of Agliven: The Power of the Flame ”