McKenna Logan -A Collection of Poems

Preface The mind is colorful,  with no shade the same, memories and facts, and wisdom you have gained.   I’ve been told life was a box of chocolates, but that’s really not true, it’s whatever you make it, so enjoy the view. Anxiety My emotions take over, I’m not me anymore, a bystander in my own life, the thoughts swirling around, an endless riptide, with … Continue reading McKenna Logan -A Collection of Poems

Bridget Woodruff – A Collection of Poems

  Happiness    Seeing your friends or your dog, that’s happiness  But it’s fleeting I can do all of the things I enjoy  I can cook, read, dance, learn It doesn’t matter if it ends, because I can do it now  That’s happiness, the stuff I can do Fulfillment    A Mother’s  Perfume   She smells like wild flowers in the forest Safe, warm, loving … Continue reading Bridget Woodruff – A Collection of Poems

Liam McDaniel – “Mr. and Mrs. Fiddleton”

Disclaimer This tale is taken from two different sources: the testimonies of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Molly Fiddleton (from a later date) and the voice of imagination who recounts the adventures of their two sons: Tom and Leaf. The sources have been arranged in chronological order so the viewer may obtain optimal clarity regarding the events of that day. Sources that reference events that occur … Continue reading Liam McDaniel – “Mr. and Mrs. Fiddleton”

Wilson Richards – A Collection of Poems and Photographs

Spring— as the winter dies, spring comes bearing fruit, new life. rejoice! a child’s born. fire the campground lit, a frenzy of apes salute you, the creation. earth the rock i stand on; a sprout grows out of the cracks. Earth, the origin. water the blood of life leaks from earth’s every faucet,  quenching ev’ry tongue. lightning the lone tree is split,  parted from nape … Continue reading Wilson Richards – A Collection of Poems and Photographs

Maya Krattli – A Collection of Poems (2022)

anxiety: an all-consuming kinetic energy flowing, filling, freezing, everything. I slowly disintegrate while life spectates. A drive forward, and a push back. Paralysis- an accurate analysis, as I fall into the abyss.    decision, a haiku (or two): too long self-doubt and  fear have been my king and queen. now they are exiled.   too long I’ve toil’d ‘neath anxiety’s tyranny. bring the guillotine.   … Continue reading Maya Krattli – A Collection of Poems (2022)

Mahlia Sawyer Estrada – On Moderation

Moderation is a word that has always echoed in my brain for as long as I can remember. There were moments where my mom would walk into the kitchen and catch me attempting to stealthily eat a chocolate chip cookie, and I would receive her famous line, “You have to balance things out and do everything in moderation!” With the amount of times this has … Continue reading Mahlia Sawyer Estrada – On Moderation

Jacob Bulis – Jazz Poetry

Jazz poetry A genre and a culture New to America Defining the older generations Influencing many for one hundred years Music from a diverse source Spreading across the country Humble beginnings in New Orleans  To stages in New York City Born out of strife Made great by a persecuted community Jazz New York, an idolized city Once considered a center of American culture Influenced by … Continue reading Jacob Bulis – Jazz Poetry

Kiara Stone

Kiara Stone   Creative Writing  Mr. Singer   26 May 2021               Image   Image- a presentation of the external form of a person or thing in art.   I wear a black Nike backpack with a gold elite sign down the middle.   What can people tell about me?   They see my flashy new shoes and how I wear different shoes everyday.   My classmates come up to me and ask me what sport … Continue reading Kiara Stone