Sarah Tylczak – Eleven

        The boy struggled against the rough hold of the back-clothed men. They clenched their jaws at the high pitched screams of the boy. His fear and the rush of adrenaline made it so it was harder for the older men to restrain him.          “M-Mom!” The boy cried, looking towards the figures of his parents. They stood in the dark hallway, silent and emotionless. … Continue reading Sarah Tylczak – Eleven

Simeon Cady – Beach Life

It was a pleasant summer evening, the perfect kind only summer could believe. My family and I had finally moved to our beach house down to a small beach town called Folly beach, which is about 45 minutes east from Charleston, South Carolina. I had been expelled from two other schools for “disruptive behavior”. I just have ADHD, and my school refuses to work around … Continue reading Simeon Cady – Beach Life

Gabriann Doeurk – Longing for Sunlight

The young miss and sir held the hand of her father, intertwining their fingers slowly; first the index, then the middle, ring, pinkie, and thumb. It had been days since they’ve gone outside, if their pale complexion was anything to say about it. If asked why the Master of the house suddenly stopped appearing, the answer would be he had become ill. On the other … Continue reading Gabriann Doeurk – Longing for Sunlight

Christopher Carpenter – Was A Dream

Day One         “You’re dead,” the screen that had kept Katy captivated for hours is now the same screen that is implying that she should get up and go do something. She exits the app, Relatives 2, a game in which you try to escape your crazy grandparents’ cabin in the woods by finding keys to the front door. Katy sets her phone on the … Continue reading Christopher Carpenter – Was A Dream