Payton Anderson – A Collection of Poems


Nerves feel like they’re on fire 

Body has touched a fuming wire 

Sometimes it feels so intense 

Your eyes glare across the room with suspense 

Hands ball up into fists 

Face begins to twist 


It slowly builds up inside of you 

Both a mixture of frustration and feeling blue 

The feeling of punching a hole through the wall 

The inkling within begins to fall 

Fall through your nerves from your face 

A track of nerves beginning to race 


The fire within flickers away 

Leading the brain feeling astray 

All this is becoming exhausting  

But now the feeling of emotion feels frosting 

Many things can cause anger 

Not by someone you know but even a stranger


Hydrating yet so drowning 

Freezing to ice and snowing 

Source of life 

While an icicle can pierce the body like a knife 

An ocean carrying people across 

Drowning others

Causing loved ones to grieve in loss 

Lightly tapping the roof while sleeping 

Cracks within the walls 

Water comes through seeping 

Droplets slowly hitting the ground 

A soft pitter-patter sound 

The rain doesn’t end there

Yet the noise of it comes off an umbrella soaking my hair 

Puddles forming on the street 

Walking through them soaking my feet

Pouring out of a watering can 

Hitting the petals of a carnation 

Behind the moss a flowing fall 

The waterfall trickles down a mossy wall 


Engulfing a forest 

Taking everything with it 

Red and orange flames malnourished 

Flames spread towards the east 

From the looks of the dead trees life was ceased 

The wrinkling stench of burnt wood 

Makes a memory of where every tree stood 

Even though the fire made the sea of green disappear 

It didn’t leave life trembling with fear 

A lighter flickered to light a wick 

The light from it began to stick 

A harmless candle waving in the dark 

Sky Above 

Glancing up at the sky 

Surrounded by blue to the naked eye 

The sounding breeze becomes loud 

With that, comes a cloud 

Sun begins to fall in the west 

The blue above comes to a rest 

Overcome by dusk 

Day turns to night 

Little specks of light appear 

The moon moves near 

Small beams of light glide 

Each little ray in abide 

Night turns to day 

Dawn approaches 

Splashes of color come from the east 

Cyan blue starts to increase 

With the sun above 


Whirring across the flat land 

Twisting into a circular band 

Touching the wheat grass 

De-rooting trees from the ground in its path 

Life around it flees 

Dust kicks up from the ground 

That is all I see 

Sprinting towards the hole in the ground 

My sister is not with me nor found 

Screams come through the gusts 

The course of destruction adjusts 

Heading away from the town 

No more buildings stand there 

Just a wooden sea of brown 


Glancing across the deserted land 

Eye catches the shape of a sandy hand 

Tumbling towards the oasis 

The wind picks up 

Men start sprinting at faster paces 

Running away from the storm 

A sand swirling monster has been born

Swallowing the dunes 

Taking a deep breath of the dusty fumes 

Eyes flutter open to a glaze 

Right in front of me is a sanded haze


You know what they always say 

Before the sun comes the rain 

Rain feels the way it looks 

Happiness has been taken by a crook

You just sit in your room feeling empty 

Not even getting up to eat

The noise of the drops echo off the roof

A noise comes from the window and you don’t even look

Late at night I look at the ceiling 

The rain can’t drown out the same old feeling 

Every morning I hope to wake up and find it has been healing 

But the sadness doesn’t work that way 

It drowns you deeper day by day 

Pulling you down into the same emotional state 

You feel that your demons have determined your fate 


The dawn is coming 

Ridding the rain 

And away with it went the pain 

You’ve found the end of the tunnel 

And stepped into the light 

Never surrendered 

To the wounding fight 

Your friends haven’t seen you happy in a while 

The feeling of pure happiness makes you begin to smile 🙂

And with that, the rain will always go away 

Just remember it might not take a day 

To make the pain go away 

But you should never stop trying 

In the end, the sun will always be shining 

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