McKenna Logan -A Collection of Poems


The mind is colorful, 

with no shade the same,

memories and facts,

and wisdom you have gained.


I’ve been told life

was a box of chocolates,

but that’s really not true,

it’s whatever you make it,

so enjoy the view.


My emotions take over,

I’m not me anymore,

a bystander in my own life,

the thoughts swirling around,

an endless riptide,

with no way out.


I know what I’m doing, 

at least I think I do,

my life is set,

the path is clear,

What could go wrong?

It’s only up from here. 



Happiness can be found all around,

from a book, a song, or even yourself.

If you find what you love, 

and keep it near,

happiness will find you,

year after year.


I’ve been told I’m the choices I make,

But why can’t I be more?

I’m full of mistakes.


would the person I once was be heartbroken,

over who I’ve become? 

What have I done? Why can’t I be different?

Or am I exactly who I’m supposed to be,

Wishing things were different?


The world is a place,

with much to explore,

so many new things,

awaiting behind each door.


I’ve learned what I love,

And what I hold near,

though trying new things,

Is something I fear.


Life has gone by too fast,

here I am


which is different from,


If I could, would I restart? 

Or is my life just an abstract work of art? 


My life is a story, 

and I’ve just turned the page,

So many new things coming in waves,

What will I learn? Is there enough time?

As long as I keeping growing, 

I know I’ll be fine.


Life is scattered,

nothing is ever quite the same,

but stick it out, see it through,

the world needs you,

and other people do too.


Everyone’s connected,

in more ways than one,

a domino effect, 

that has already begun. 


Looking back on the years,

I see what I’ve done,

the impact I’ve had will last a lifetime,

on the people I love,

and those who’ve walked beside me.

The Prologue 

I enter a state,

unknowing, unsure,

but the journey I’ll embark on,

is one I’ll endure.

The Epilogue

The time has come, 

for this story to end,

I close my eyes

the world fades away,

I see a bright light,

and I’m whisked away.


The experiences you have gained,

the people you have met,

have contributed to your story,

even if there is regret.


You made it to the end,

I hope you took it in, 

life moves too fast,

acknowledge it. 

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