Wilson Richards – A Collection of Poems and Photographs


as the winter dies,

spring comes bearing fruit, new life.

rejoice! a child’s born.


the campground lit,

a frenzy of apes salute

you, the creation.


the rock i stand on;

a sprout grows out of the cracks.

Earth, the origin.


the blood of life leaks

from earth’s every faucet, 

quenching ev’ry tongue.


the lone tree is split, 

parted from nape to navel. 

crack! the sky is lit.


like as a blanket,

it covers the ground, the trees.

almost as in dreams. 


in knowledge, one finds

you: consolation, evermore,

falling down to Earth.


desolate, alone,

one finds you, the wicked beast,

once night falls on him.


summer brings with it

growth.  the child, learning new things,

becomes a young man.


from you does life come,

and as the waves pass over,

to you does life go.


the breath of the hills

carries your song to my ears;

here, i am alive.


there comes a point when

life slows to a whimp’ring crawl.

all together one.


with fall comes the clouds

of responsibility.

learn to love the rain—

—the young man of old

grows greying hair on his head,

yet, keeps drops of youth.


formed over eons, 

towering above towers,

the paths to Zion.

formed over eons,

by hands of our ancestors; 

you inspire my dreams.


down in the valley 

rivers flow and bison graze,

teepees foster life


rocks stand in the way,

some fish swim against the grain,

others swim with it.


foam sits on the waves.

the ocean, a desert, stirs;

it’s life underground.


of size big and small,

deep or wide, narrow, shallow,

some deer stop, to drink.


in winter, snow falls

over a dying campfire.

in time, the coals cool—

—the man, older now,

gets his affairs in order,

and is laid to rest.

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