Bridget Woodruff – A Collection of Poems




Seeing your friends or your dog, that’s happiness 

But it’s fleeting

I can do all of the things I enjoy 

I can cook, read, dance, learn

It doesn’t matter if it ends, because I can do it now 

That’s happiness, the stuff I can do



A Mother’s  Perfume


She smells like wild flowers in the forest

Safe, warm, loving

She never really wore perfume

It was my favorite when she does

I smell it now

It makes me sad

It doesn’t smell like her anymore 

Now it’s just alcohol in a bottle that sits on my shelf  

She made it hers


Both sides


Aren’t you afraid 

No this is normal, it happens to everyone 

But I’m scared, I don’t want this to happen 

Don’t worry, we know what happens next

I don’t want to leave, I want to stay, please, please, let me stay

We have to go, your family is going to be fine 

No, no, let me stay, I still have more to do, I haven’t lived enough

We can’t stay, we have to leave


Let’s go

“They have passed, I’m sorry”


Under the waves


It’s cool, calming 

You could drown

The sun burns on the surface, the water feels nice  

You don’t know what’s under the sand 

I could swim for hours, without a care 

The undertow could get you 

I feel like I’m weightless 

Don’t go to deep

Let me swim forever


Loathed Meal


The food sits on my plate 

Eat your food I worked hard for it

I stare blankly at the food

Come on, eat it, your mom slaved away for that dish

I can’t tell them I don’t like it

They still assume it’s my favorite

“I’m not hungry, I ate earlier”

Well then why didn’t you tell us

Yeah, we made you all of this food for nothing!

“Sorry, I’ll eat it tomorrow”

No I won’t, it’ll sit in our fridge until rotten

Then it goes in the trash 

I walk away 




I sit at my vanity looking 

My face blares back at me 

Jeering, ridiculing 

Why do I look like this

Don’t be so mean, you look amazing 

Your wrong, I’m ugly and everyone knows it

Your friends just don’t tell you

You’re wrong, you are wrong 

My friends would never say that 

According to you

They are liars 

I’m still staring

Thoughts, good, bad running through my head

I look good, my friends would not lie 

Says who?


A Lost Pet


I’ve never lost a pet before 

I wonder how the family feels 

To have a loved one so close, but so far

I’d like to imagine myself as the dog 

Scared, lonely, in an unfamiliar place 

The family calling out for them, with no response 

They’ll both lose hope of return 

The family can replace the lost dog 

But the dog can’t replace their lost  family 




Such trivials things 

There only clothes, used to keep us warm

Since when did they become such big parts of us? 

They became our identity 

They prove whether you are popular or poor

Whether you are a skank or prude 

We dress for ourselves and for others 

To prove we’re worthy of being praised and loved 

Since when did something we needed to survive consumed us 


A Favorite Color


11:59 almost midnight but not yet 

It’s the color of the deep sea with rolling waves

Not as harsh as black 

But not as fluid as blue 

The in between 

Uncontrollable but calm

That’s a favorite color 


Morning tea


I wake up, eyes droopy 

Walk to the kitchen, gain control of my limbs 

Make my tea, I’ll try turmeric and pomegranate 

Boil the water, grab mug, add tea to mug

The kettle whistles, waking up from my trance

 I pour the water in the cup

Careful not to spill

The tea floats to the top, swirling 

I sit and drink 

I wonder what the leaves will look like when I’ve finished 

 Maybe an animal or incoherent lines 

The design tea leaves

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