Kiara Stone

Kiara Stone  

Creative Writing 

Mr. Singer  

26 May 2021  


Image- a presentation of the external form of a person or thing in art.  

I wear a black Nike backpack with a gold elite sign down the middle.  

What can people tell about me?  

They see my flashy new shoes and how I wear different shoes everyday.  

My classmates come up to me and ask me what sport I play.  

Is it that obvious that I play a sport?  

How can they tell so much about someone they don’t even know.  

I recently have been thinking about this since then about the kid asking me what sport I 


I started to pay more attention to detail with others to see what I can tell. 

I see boys with nike backpacks as well,  with exclusive Jordan’s that don’t even sell.  

Girls with blonde hair, with perfect skin, and bright colored mask to match their 


People walking around on their phones all day not looking up to see a glimpse of reality.  

I sit in class watching people to make a image out of them before I know them.  

That exact action that I had made me realize how assumptions come about.  

With the background that I live in and reality’s I have compared to other kids at school,  

Before I came here I assumed I wouldn’t fit in because the people here come from money.  

I live in the harsh reality of being a black young women in America that goes to school 

 with a bunch of white peers.  

And to be seen as the black girl around campus to distinguish who I am sticks with you. 

You notice the differences in your classroom, school teams and clubs, and the school 


There is not many people on campus that look like me so at times you could understand 

 why kids sometimes feel like outsiders at times. 

Going home to your parents of the same color, with people of same color in 

 neighborhood, and seeing the things that happen to your people change your 

 perspective on what it means to be ONE.  

To me that’s wear the word IMAge comes into play, do people see me as the black girl 

 with flashy shoes everyday or do they see me as Kiara Stone?  


Assumptions- a thing that is accepting as true or as a certain to happen, without proof.  

What assumptions do we make as humans on other people? 

And where do these assumptions come from?  

Society? Rumors? Social Media? 

This new generation that we live in has become a society of assumptions.  

On social media we all assume because we see a perfect life on the screen the off of it 

 their lives are perfect.  

But what even is perfection? 

How perfect can you get until you’re to perfect? 

A great example of this is when Michael Jordan who in the eyes of the society was seen 

 as a King didn’t endorse a black mayor for running for office and help him against a very 

 racist opponent. 

That one thing Michael Jordan did was labeled as bad for the rest of his career. 

He was seen as a “trader” of his people because he didn’t get into politics like the great, 

 Muhammad Ali.  

The assumption now that is made in his name is that he voted for Donald Trump and he 

 doesn’t stand for his people.  

So again I ask, how perfect can you be until you’re to perfect? 

We all know that people wait until you get to the top to tear you down.  

Try to make people see Michael Jordan the king get a tilted crown.  

All because he didn’t speak on political view of White vs. Brown. 

Now not all assumptions are made about race, we make assumptions about how people 

 dress, the music they listen to, the people they follow on social media.  

Without knowing each other. 

Those things matter to this new generation that is forming.  

It matters more to get followers then degrees now to a upcoming generation. 

We see people we follow drop out of high school and make it to all these places.  


Stigma- a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. 

The biggest thing for me is what stigma I leave about myself before I leave the earth. 

How many lives can I touch like someone did to mine first.  

Help people understand that a stigma doesn’t have to be your worst.  

A stigma can be positive, but the society we live in now makes it impossible to think so.  


Something attached to having a negative stigma. 

A man gets released from prison for a crime that they feel sorry for and want to do 

 better, the world sees him as a imposter to our society who did bad things once so 

 always will. 

Our world isn’t designed for second chances, sometimes I wish it was.  

Your reputation is designed on the one mistake you made. 

People will watch you and judge everything you do even if you’re doing better just to throw shade. 

Stigma is a blessing and curse, if you do good things that what people will think of first.  

If you do bad things they’ll think of you as the worst.  

Stigma is something can make or break your life in some ways I see it as a curse.  


Persona- the aspect of someone’s character that I presented to or perceived by others.  

Worrying about what others think, keeping a image, reputation. 

All things us as humans think about. 

What will we leave the next person thinking about? 

When I get ready for school I try to make my hair as good as possible for some reason. 

Is it because I car what people think or do I care about I think of myself 

I’ve been bullied for things I can not control and I still struggle with today. 

Ever since that incident I would say I tried to design myself to dictate what people say.  

I learned that hard way I can’t control that, people will try to capture you in your worst moment like a camera Kodak. 

No matter how hard I tried it was never enough so I stopped worrying and focused on myself. 

I focused on the things I can control, which is my mental, and physical health.  

I started on focusing on ways to follow God’s word to continue to live myself. 

I will never be perfect and it’s something to this day I have to learn. 

The persona someone gets from you isn’t something natural it has do be earned.  

In the eyes of God I am his child and I focus on the things his word tells me to follow.  

But as a human I can’t help what other people think of me and what is my persona. 

Persona goes into all the poems I wrote about natural human thinking. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who struggles on always thinking about what others think of me. 

With my growing relationship with God I notice it go away. 

Day by day, I worry less and less about what people say. 

I stopped worrying about playing good so people don’t talk about the way I play. 

I stopped wearing outfits to impress others and dictate what I portray. 

Remembering that the only people who matters when it comes to my persona,  

Is God, my family, and Kiara Stone. 

SO don’t stress to be someone else, the superhero with a S on his chest ,  

Be the BEST version of yourself.  

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