Ava Beatty – Collected Poems

My Green Floral Dress 

The coral and golden leaves falling on my face

With the cold air blowing on my skin and swiftly moving my hair

But through those times my feet never left a trace

Didn’t even get the chance once I saw the man, that suddenly turned into a pair

The sun beaming on my neck while in the cool cerulean water

While the pond fish swim around my feet 

People leaving forcing me to be my own spotter

No one even seeing me from that busy street 

Being excited how my dress twirls around me

And rolling down the brightest green hills 

While getting caught at the big oak tree

No one could see my my body turn into ultimate chills

I’m now one with that sparking cerulean pond

But there’s no reason to stress

Even though I can’t change the outcome with a magic wand

It’s just me in my green floral dress 

The Striped Sweater 

My life was complete at this moment 

That striped sweater was a bestowment from him 

It was something that I never took off 

Even when I was in bed with whooping cough

Him wearing it during our picnic dates in the park 

With the smell of his cologne filling the sweater, he was already marking his mark 

Wearing it to school with his hand interlocked with mine

My benign smile never left my face for those months 

Then his love for me disappeared 

Something in my life that I always feared 

Taking the sweater off and feeling it’s warmth for the last time

Hanging it up in my closet, showing my sadness only through pantomimes 

Months of that sweater lying there in my dark closet

Remembering how quick I deposited it 

That sweater was a symbol of his love

But now it’s just a clothing item that he wants back and for me to get rid of

Taking it down from the hanger and putting it on for the last time

Putting it in that dusty box felt like a crime 

But my dear beloved, that will always be mine

                                                         Ode to the Sun

The light of your eyes shining, waking me from my repose 

As I set my eyes for the future, your always there in the picture 

Following me wherever I end up, supporting me even when I’m bitter 

Making my face glisten with happiness, because you will always be the remaining victor 

Whether you are happy or upset, you are still the queen of the palace 

When someone brings down your shine, my whole body fills with sadness 

All the happiness you bring to the world, making everyone crave your presence 

When you glow through those summer days, it shows me your my biggest blessing 

Being the center of my life, somehow your light doesn’t stop shining through my craziness 

Bursting your golden smile all around, having the chance to see all of your radiance 

As we head for the end of the day, your love still as great as a bo tree 

Never being able to feel a day without your love, your light shines through me 

As I close my eyes ready for a night of rest, you are still in charge of the domain

When you’re already asleep among the stars, ready to warm our lives once again

Heart to Jupiter 

My heart from yours is like Jupiter’s distance

Even though we’re so far you’re still the brightest light

With harmony around our coexistence 

But our true relationship makes me expedite


My beautiful yellow ring around your small pinky finger

While no one knows the truth about our interrelation 

My love for you gives you no reason to linger 

These things will never change no matter our location 


One day I will summon for us to meet 

No matter the outcome I will be happy to see your sweet smile 

With your love no one will ever have to compete 

Coming forth to the warm all the way from the Emerald Isle 


I will long for your arrival to come

No matter how long it might take 

Afraid of what we might become 

When you did not arrive, my heart from now on will always ache


Feeling lonesome in her hollow room 

Trying to find the light to dissipate the gloom

While trying to find the light switch which she can not trace 

 All she has are those unbloomed flowers in that clear vase 

Feeling so special, then it all wiped away 

Like a sailboat getting washed away from that blue and shallow bay

Her mind all jumbled with ideas and words

Everything moving so fast like a hummingbird 

Fighting for control over her own thoughts

And losing feeling like her mind’s being turned into knots

While she gets ready for the same day to be on repeat 

Feeling her body fall asleep once she hit her white sheet 

Waking up in that room and finding the light switch 

No longer fumbling to get out of the ditch 

Being overjoyed for that second chance 

Never looking back in the past, not even a glance 

Feeling free all thanks to the little push 

Looking over and seeing those bloomed amber flowers from that protea bush  

The Lilac 

She is the girl with the brightest smile who blinds people’s eyes

It’s so bright that people compare it to looking at a sunrise 

The girl who sits in the back of the class so no one notices her

Who had to learn how to be the quietest whisperer 

She is the one with the honey colored eyes full of grace 

The eyes everyone wanted and would showcase 

The girl who never gets a break and tends to worry 

Who had to learn how to make her mind less blurry 

Everyone thought she was perfect in every way 

And that’s all everyone had to say 

But no one knew her dark and eerie past 

Her whole life hasn’t been perfect and been a blast 

That girl just needed one sign that day

That her future will be bright and okay 

Until she went out to go get her evening snack 

And that person gave her that royal lavender lilac

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