Will Seley – Collect Poems

Spring Has Sprung

The cold winter and fall

Not helpful for me at all

My limbs are all shriveled up

I’d love some water, just a cup.

Cold wind pushing me back and forth

It’s not easy to spread my limbs in the north.

The days go by sadly and slowly,

I need the sun so come out and save me.

When my body can’t do anything, 

The clouds break and bring the spring.

Sun rays beam down onto my pedals,

Spring has begun, I can hear the bells.

My body extending thoroughly,

I made it long enough just narrowly.

From the small two inch plant I was last week,

I’ve grown to a two foot tall peak. 

Could’ve given up during winter but it was my duty,

To stay and grow so I could show my full beauty.

Aye, Batta Batta!

My love for the game is like a child and their doll,

But I don’t think I’ll make it far in baseball.

My knees are weak, my arms are noodles,

When I’m up to bat, it’s just brutal

My biggest flaw is the lack of confidence

It makes me nervous, which is a bad consequence.

Hitting zero for thirty on the season,

Last game on Saturday is one more reason

To show the coaches I belong,

To prove all my thoughts and haters wrong.

First pitch comes in straight towards the plate,

I didn’t swing too early nor too late.

A direct hit sends the ball flying,

A home run is what I’ll be supplying.

Looking back on that fateful day

When I finally learned how to play

I’m very glad it went that way,

It helped me grow into the man I am today.

A starter for the San Diego Padres.

Robert Wadlow

Everyone wants to be tall,

They want to be able to slam dunk a basketball.

Some are naturally gifted with their height

Others not quite.

Some want to be the tallest of them all,

To tower like the Great Wall.

Robert Wadlow was gifted with this trait,

But it was this gift that sealed his fate.

Five foot four at the age of five,

Looked as if he could already drive.

In three years eight more inches he had,

He was already taller than his dad.

At seventeen years he was taller than Shaq,

At eight foot one he could give him a piggyback.

This blessing also came as a curse,

Robert suffered pituitary gigantism and needed a nurse.

Doctors didn’t feel comfortable to operate

All Robert could do was wait.

Needing a leg brace and walking stick by the age of 20,

He continued to grow by the plenty.

He died at a young age of 22,

He suffered from what the legs put him through.

Everyone wants to be tall but it comes with a price,

Accept that short or tall, it will suffice.

God Almighty

Father Jermichael, was one of the holiest men

But this identity isn’t what it’s always been.

Until the age of 35, he was a menace to all

Stealing from people and getting in brawls.

He could pick a lock with his eyes closed,

He’d silence any who opposed.

He was the leader of a biker group

They called themselves the Danger Troops.

Jermichael was a man of the streets

Nothing he owned came with receipts.

He didn’t believe or think he needed God

But he didn’t know this is why his life was flawed.

One day as the biker gang was out

A random cliff came about.

The whole gang, one by one,

Slid off the edge and they were done.

One man lay at the bottom without a scratch,

It was Jermichael who received the safety catch.

He says he was saved by the hands of God

He had to worship, or else he’s a fraud.

From that day on and the rest of his life,

He stayed faithful with no strife.

Jermichael grew out of his old ways,

So he could follow God, always offering praise.


They say time flies and you don’t even notice it,

It’s the truth, before you know anything it’s over in a split.

One year ago I was a freshman learning the rules,

Is what it feels like but now I’m out of school.

Four long and busy years went by,

And we’re out in just the blink of an eye.

The constant sports after school and early wake ups,

It was tough but I’ll miss it when I’m a grownup.

Hanging out and kicking back all day,

Sad to think I’ll be two states away.

My days of being a child are behind me now,

I’m an adult and I need to act like it anyhow.

Graduation is nearing and will be here soon,

At this rate, it’ll be over before it feels like noon.

And then I’m out,

So free I can shout,

Can finally checkout.

There is no doubt,

That it was a great four years,

I give everyone a cheer,

As they start their new year.

These four were some to remember,

But the next four will be even more tender.

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