Gabriel Torres-Ramirez – First Day

First Day

I grab my bag and leave my house to go to school, when I arrived I hear some small talk from my peers,

“Did you hear we’re getting out of school for a month? Thank you coronavirus!” In a happy tone.

I’d heard some rumors that we would be getting out of school for a while, but nothing had been confirmed yet. We all knew we were going to get out eventually and we all were just waiting for that announcement over the intercom, by the time we reached our last class my peers and I felt like we were losing hope of it ever getting cancelled.

 I heard one of my friends say, 

“I can’t believe they haven’t announced it yet, there’s a virus killing thousands and they wanna keep us in school! I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think we should even be here now.” He stated.

Everyone agreed with him and were disappointed with the school. Class was pretty much over with two minutes left and we were all packed up and ready to leave in despair, until a beep came over the intercom.

“Dear Tacoma Tigers, I, principal Williams, am announcing the closure of Tacoma Highschool, from today, March 12th until April 27th, I advise you all to follow orders from the governor, stay safe, and God bless.” He stated on the intercom.

As the intercom went off you could hear excitement from all of the nearby classes and I assume the whole school. As my classmates and I were walking out of school I heard someone say to me,

“Hey Josh, thanks to one of you guys eating a bat we don’t school for a month!” He said in an excited voice.

“You guys?” I stopped and said to him.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, I usually don’t take offense to comments like that, but now from a virus that started in Asia it felt like things would be different. Now we’re all stuck in quarantine in our homes, while that phrase sticks in my mind. 


I wake up in my ski lodge and go to get my kids ready for their day on the slopes and I shout,

“Jackson! Crystal! Wake up you’re gonna make dad mad if you don’t hurry!” 

“Coming mom!” They both say in sync.

It was the first time they would go skiing together since last winter, now that we were all stuck in quarantine we decided to isolate in style and go to our lodge. Eventually Jackson, Crystal and my husband leave the lodge and I finally get some me time. I go to take a shower and in the middle of it all of the light shut off. I didn’t think much of it as it usually happens up on these slopes, I went downstairs to check the power box, and when I went to flip the switch I noticed that the wires had been cut. I intended to go back to my room, but when I went to go to the staircase I noticed the front door was open, and the lock was broken. From the looks of it I could tell immediately what this was, a robbery. Whoever was doing this planned this out well, they knew to cut the electricity so the cameras would shut off and that it would just be me, I heard from upstairs,

“Jessica, I know you’re in here.” He said in a creepy voice,

“Who are you?” I question the man,

“You know who I am.” He stated,

All of the people that I could think of ran through my head until I realized who it was, my brother.


In our world today after being quarantined for at least a year now our world and communities have gone mad. Riots are spreading and our world seems to be from the movie “Mad Max”, my family and I are sheltered in our home avoiding contact with the outside world. Today my brother decided to come home from university, we told him he didn’t have to come, due to it being so dangerous outside from the rioters, but he insisted. My name is Arthur and the world has gone mad, I spoke with my sister Magaly,

“I’m glad Fernando’s finally coming home, I know it’s dangerous but I think he’ll make it.” I said to my sister,

“Yeah I just hope he makes it home safe.” She responded.

About three hours later I received a phone call while I eagerly waited for my brother to arrive, I looked at my phone and it was him, I was worried something happened, but he was just letting me know that he arrived safely and was entering from the gate at our neighborhood and to ring him in, when he came inside I asked him so many questions because I hadn’t seen him since the virus first broke out. 

“How was the trip, did you see any gangs on your way here?” I asked.

“No, there actually wasn’t anything bad out there. It looked just like the old days I was kinda confused that everything seemed normal.” He said,

“Well I’m just glad you’re here, we should go out together with Magaly if it’s not bad out in the public anymore.” I said in an excited voice.

“That sounds like a good idea, we can take my car!” My sister chimed in,

“Sounds like a plan!” My brother exclaimed.

Later that day my siblings and I went on our way to go do something outside of our sheltered home, “Where should we go?” My sister asked,

“Let’s go get snacks at the gas station!” My brother said,

We went on our way to the our closest 7/11 gas station and when we got there something shocked us,

“Fernando, that looks like a gang right there maybe we should turn around.” My sister said in a scared tone,

“Yeah, maybe that’s not the best idea right now.” I said to my brother.

“No, it’s fine they’re just sitting there.” He said confidently.

He walked up to the door and the group of gang members were staring at us in the car, casually one the members looked at us and came closer to our window,

“That’s a nice car you got.” He said with intention.

“Thanks,” My sister said.

“Give me the car!” He yelled.

“We have to get out of here!” I stated.

My sister acted out of instinct and put the car in reverse and tried to go to the front of the gas station to pick up my brother, he came in and we were about to finally leave, but my sister forgot to lock the doors.

“Not so fast.” The member said as he tried to grab my sister out of the car,

“Gun it!” I shouted to my sister,

As soon as I said that my sister closed the door, slammed on the gas and sped off away from that horrendous gas station.

“How did we get out of that?” My sister asked,

“I have no idea! I thought you said it was safe!” I screamed,

After that we drove as fast as we could back to our home, we were all scared for our lives and didn’t know if we would ever make it back home. When we arrived we vowed to not tell anyone ever of what had just happened, I feel like all hope is lost in our world ever restoring, we should’ve listened to the stay at home orders.

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