Virginia Muriithi – Asking Unanswered Questions

Asking Unanswered Questions

These are questions she asks herself from day to day.

How can she pretend life is okay?

How much longer till she breaks?

How much longer till they see her smile is fake?

Can you relate?

Let me elaborate:

She’s talked to a dozen people about this and she’s still right where she started.




Now I’m not  saying all this because it rhymes,

This is what really goes down in my mind.

I been cowering behind this 3rd person POV

Because the thought of being truthful is too much for me

I put on a show for everyone else to see

But that ain’t really me

And they ain’t never gonna see the real me

Because I’m hiding behind this mask but I want to be set free

Set free from all the emotion and turmoil you caused inside of me

And I’m telling it to you straight, Satan

Father of Catastrophe

They wanna tell me it gets better?

That imma be okay?

They be telling us that to keep us from running

Truth is they need us here so they can keep running

Running towards their future while I’m running from my past

Each heartbreak be worse than the last so I must not be running that fast

But how am I gonna be here for you if you ain’t gonna be here for me?


Those are the questions we all should be asking

But where the answers at?

Ask that.



The second coming to suicide

You hide under my pride

In stride with my temper

Which rises and falls like the tide

I plead the fifth

There is power in silence

No need for violence just careful guidance

As I try to figure out why I can’t stop crying

Depression captures my soul

Satan plays his role as the oppressor

He achieves his goal and I fall into his hole

The migraine takes a toll

Anything to numb the pain and I’m sold

Be bold

Prescribe what you desire

Anything, throw my body into the fire

And at my funeral, have David play the lyre.

good, Night

Demons, do not wake her

Let her have peace in her slumber

Do you ever wonder

When you scream, it’s like lighting and thunder

Where is her refuge in the storm

Sad to say that this is the norm

They say they mean no harm

But why are there bruises running down her arm?

Why the look of rage on your face?

Why so terrified to catch a case?

Why the sudden grace?

This change of pace will not erase

The damage that has been done

She hides from the sun

A child of the dark

All your hurtful remarks were the spark

To the fire within that burns and tears her apart

It starts with her heart

The very core of her existence

Maybe for once if you would just listen

For she cannot withstand

The blows from your bare hands

Maybe, just maybe, it will end

In Night, she has made a friend

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