Nolan Mikkelson – Poetry Collection

Explanation for all these poems: These are all characters for a story that I have been writing in my head for quite awhile now. The main story is that all of these characters play a game called Xtorld that results in the destruction of Earth’s surface because of a meteor shower. The players of Xtorld manage to escape this by entering the game that separates them into groups of three out of the twelve people playing the game.The game puts each team on a separate planet that has a set of challenges and companions that the team has to work together to complete. Though before they do that they all have to face each other’s personal, psychological problems that are made manifest through this game. If they win the game then they will earn the ultimate reward of becoming the gods of the universe though they can only do that by gaining access to the final planet by each team using the keys they gained from completing their respective planet to unlock the barrier surrounding the final planet. Though it may sound simple, the player’s issues the game throws at them are not. Aria is dealing with her emotional fallout from losing a close friend of hers that she inadvertently caused. Gretos is trying to become a better person for those around them in mentoring Aria and Leonardo when it comes to their issues while also dealing with their paraplegic status and her missing an arm. They also have to deal with a loss of her parental figure in life that Sallamis directly caused to them before the Xtorld. Leonardo is suffering from a massive culture shock after becoming the first hybrid troll and human because of a blood-transfusion he received from a troll. Leo also has to deal with mild agoraphobia that he suffered from during his childhood. Sallamis has to deal with the mental abuse his family dealt him in making him paralyze what used to be his best friend Gretos. Chloe has to question the morality of her actions in emotionally manipulating others into completing the morally dubious action of overthrowing a global empire that resides on her team’s planet as an objective to gain a key to the final planet. FerzriKate on the other hand has to come to terms with her species’ brutal coming of age ritual that involves the domination of the other personality which is the equivalent of Fratricide in our human society. Mostly because their species’ offspring have the unique quirk of being born with two personalities that are like brother and sister to the other. Plus, once the domination happens, the other personality is gone forever and that’s only half the cast of characters! This story is meant to be about broken people trying to rise above their flaws and faults to get it together long enough to win Xtorld in order to be granted the privilege of becoming the rulers of a new universe. They can then bring back trolls and humans in a more well-rounded universe compared to the previous one from before. 

       World-building: Trolls are basically grey-skinned humans with candy-corn colored horns that have a penchant for violence. The trolls are divided up into 12 blood castes but you only really need to know 3 of them. Greto is a jade-blood troll that is really good at taking care of people. Sallamis is a violet blood which means he’s really good at being a prince in a monarchy. Leo is now a magenta blood but because of his mixed blood he just has faded horns and light-grey skin with no real special features.

       If you are wondering why the first two poems, Aria and Leonardo, were similar to the other in tone and word choice it is because they were not written by those people. They were in fact written by one person who was knowledgeable in their background but didn’t know them very personally. Simply because Aria and Leo never had the time to write them.  Though Aria did write the third stanza but that was it. I, the author, have an idea of who wrote them. I’ll give you a hint, their name begins with a G.


To you Aria, in a world that had long passed me by

In a world where everyone I once knew is now part of the spectral crowd

You showed me kindness, when no one would even try.

You treated me like a normal person when no one else could.

You saw beyond my faded horns and ugly face.

Most importantly, you taught me what it was like to feel affection for someone.

You paved the way for everyone’s success in the world.

Thank you, Aria for being my friend.

To you Greto, you helped me to see life in a different way.

You taught me to look beyond appearances.

You helped me to understand the responsibilities of my life.

You gave me a way out of my twisted mind.

You taught me the ways of human interaction.

Most importantly, you saved my life.

Thank you Greto, for being my mentor on what it means to be kind.

To you Izumi Lee Curtis, thank you for being my protector.

You were always there for me when nobody else could.

You gave me the strength needed to protect my loved ones.

You believed in my potential when no else would.

You taught me how to throw the ultimate curveball in softball.

Most importantly, you are my godmother who helped me save my friends.


Thanks Leo, for being like a little brother to me.

Even if you were emotionally draining to deal with,

you had a smile that always comforted me.

At the end of the day, you are like my albino Shiba Inu who would greet me 

with a warm, happy smile even if it was raining or if I had a bad day.

Thanks Greto, for leading me to greater heights. 

Even if you were a bit harsh to me at times, I forgive you for everything that happened.

After all, no one could’ve made the choices you made, and that’s why I say thanks.

At the end of the day, you helped get out of the rut my mind was in 

with you always lending a hand to get me out of that dark place.

Thanks Minato, my birth father.

Even if it may seem strange or weird for me to say this as

I never really got to meet you sadly. 

I only really got to know you from the stories 

Mom and my brothers would tell me.

At the end of the day, they say you could always

calm the family down, despite your despondent early life.

According to Mom anyway.

By the way, did you know she never remarried?

She still has your photo framed up in her workshop.

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, I’ll stop writing now.

This is just making me sad.


Hello Aria, I apologize for being so tough on you.

The time and place we were all in was…stressful

to say the very least. 

We both went through a lot of changes during that time, 

and I just wanted us to survive.

We both had to make some difficult choices, 

choices that not many other people could make.

I’m sorry for the things I had to put you and Leonardo through.

I hope you can forgive me for the things I had to do.

Hello Sallamis, did you miss me and my crippled ass?

I still haven’t forgotten you know.

That FLARP session.

You know the rest of the story, but I have news for you.

After considering your side of why you did it and your numerous apologies,

I forgive you.

 Because the other day somebody taught me a little thing about forgiveness, 

they taught me that you have to move on at some point and not let it chew you up.

However, don’t think I’ll forget what you did to me

Because every time I struggle moving in my crappy wheelchair and my one arm,

 I will be reminded of that game.

Hello Leonardo, I am happy to see that you’ve grown up.

The time and place where we first met was,

unorthodox to say the very least.

We have both come so far during our time together,

and I hope to work with you again to continue our mutual training.


Dear Lady Chloe, I hope to impress succinctly upon you just how much you mean to me.

Your sharp wit and our conversations with each other will leave an

Indelible mark on the deep waters of my subconsciousness.

That said, could you please rescue me and FerzriKate from the McDonald’s play area?

We have been stuck here for several hours and we can’t find a way out, please help.

Sincerely yours, Sallamis.

Dear Kate, I do not appreciate your foul-mouthed tongue disgracing thine own

mouth with such language. 

Your parents raised you better than that, and I hope for you to sincerely follow in the

virtuous examples set about by your ancestors. Therefore I ask of you to behave yourself!

Dear Ferzri, please talk to your sister about her nasty habit of using such foul language.

Sincerely yours, Sallamis.

Hello Greto, I admit I rewrote this small poem about five times 

before settling on a proper apology so here you go.

I still remember your Jade blood running down your skin like the juices of freshly-bitten watermelon.

I lay awake at night ‘til the witching hour thinking about what I did to you and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for the actions I rung out against your body like the evening bell tolls.

I’m sorry for orphaning you in a careless world that would sooner topple a skyscraper 

then crack the egg of an unborn chick.

If you wish to know why dear Greto, then read on. My Violet blood family never liked that I was friends with you. 

They were a spiteful, evil family to all except their own and I was no exception. 

They wished to make enemies of both of us so they schemed to…

Make me hurt you. They decided to make me choose between you and my own familial loyalty. 

You know the choice I made, and I’ve paid for it in money ever since that 

FLARP session.


Dear Sallamis, thank you for your kind words because,

You also mean a lot to me as well. 

Even if it may not seem like it, all those jokes I’ve made 

at your expense all come from a sense of mutual friendship.

By the way, you can escape from the play area by retracing your steps with Kate.

Yours truly, Lady Chloe.

P.S: If you can’t reason with Kate, try to approach her from a different angle with your words.

Dear FerzriKate, please try to get along better with Sallamis.

There’s only so many arguments I can listen to that discuss cursing.

You both have the freedom to speak your mind in this world.

To Ferzri: Please try to act as the mediator between those two as

it would be great practice for you.

To Kate: If you really want to grind Sallamis’ gears try getting creative with your cursing

beyond just the obvious ones.

Dear Brandon, are you getting along well in your group?

I’ve heard you’ve gotten hurt during one of your moonlit spars with Kherit from Rineas.

Please be careful for me, okay? I may not show it but I do actually care for my darling half-brother.

By the way, can you ask Donald how he’s doing, for me? 

He hasn’t been answering my letters in a while now…

Anyway, I hope you’re resting well at your home. Write to you later!

P.S: Oh and please try responding more to my letters every now and then It’s not that difficult.


Hey Leonardo, both Ferzri and I haven’t written to you in a while and well…

Ah f*** it man we’re sorry for leaving you in the equivalent of a spider’s nest.

I didn’t want to leave you after the s*** we went through together.

I was venomous as a python is to its progeny for leaving you like that.

 Prickly as a cactus am I for talking to others like that and the lonelier I am for it.

Like you, the Icarus to my Sun, you got too close and burned because of it.

Leaving you crashing down in the craggy rocks of loneliness once more.

Hi Sallamis, it’s Ferzri, I just wanted to say that I appreciate what you’ve done,

for both Kate and I. You know exactly how to lighten up the mood for both of us.

I know she is as guarded as a house cat with you, and feisty as a honey badger.

However, the reason why is she is like a wolf separated from it’s pack,

and the only ones she would obey is her own parental wolf figures.

So thanks for being as patient as a snapping turtle with us.

Hi Chloe, Kate wanted me to write this for her.

Kate’s affections for you are of that a shy wolf inching closer to the flames of warmth and patience

that so radiates from your being. 

Our gratitude for your patience and care for us is as like a dove 

preening the feathers of their loved one.

So thanks Chloe, for being there for us.

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