Julia Giese – Major Events: A Collection of Poems

Fourth of July

Red, white and blue,

Three colors as bright as they could be.

A small tricycle,

A little girl that was as vibrant as a firework.

The neighborhood was full of laughter,

A fond memory that will never be lost.

Family and friends gather,

To celebrate great accomplishments.

Nighttime was the best,

The neighborhood was never going to rest.

The sky was filled with vibrant colors,

Sparklers never went dull.

The loud noises was something new,

But it seemed to bring a lot of joy.

This holiday was foreign,

But little did I know it would create so many memories.

The First Day


A little girl in a plaid uniform,

Running in to see the magic.

Tons of kids playing in the courtyard,

Holding mom’s hand as I walk in.

The sweetest lady smiling down,

I immediately felt comfortable.

Sitting on the colorful carpet,

I knew that I was sitting next to my future friends.

Mom walked out the door,

I felt scared and unsure.

The day was starting,

I didn’t know what to expect.

The day flew by,

Arts and crafts was the activity of the day.

The bell rang and time was up,

I knew it would be good.

The Last Day


Fifth grade was coming to an end,

I knew that it was my last.

All the friends that I had made,

Were as close as a distant memory.

The time spent was full of emotion,

Some bad, some good.

My friends were supportive,

They knew what had to be done.

I was leaving behind a home,

A place that was known.

All good things come to an end,

She said, “you’ll always have your friends.”

I walked out the door,

Never looked back.

Sometimes I wonder,

Would things have been different if I had stayed?

The New


Middle school is tough,

A new school was going to be rough.

I didn’t know what to expect,

All I knew was that I had to open up.

Everyone was vibrant and full of life,

I felt a sense of home.

It was a new home for me,

But I wasn’t scared to be free.

The girls were sweet,

They treated me as their own.

A group of them took me under their wing,

I knew this was my new home.

Reassurance was always good,

None of them were ever rude.

One girl I disliked,

Ended up being my best friend for life.

Moving On


The day was finally here,

I didn’t know what to feel.

My class was growing up,

We were ready for the buildup.

Gathered in the parish center,

All dressed up for the end.

Alphabetical order we got in line,

That’s when I realized we had lost the time.

Walking into the church seeing all my friends,

I was filled with joy to see them again.

Names got called up we each grabbed our paper,

Stating that we were moving on to something greater.

It was over,

I walked out the door and never looked back.

I miss the memories,

Sometimes I drive by for a remedy.



First day of freshman year,

I saw I had a lot of peers.

It was something new and exciting,

Little did I know what I was in store for.

I stood with my friends in the gym,

That’s when I was him.

The first upperclassmen guy,

I wanted to talk to him but I was too shy.

My sister was a junior,

So she always had my back.

I never felt alone,

Since the day I was born.

It was full of laughs and cries,

I had seen the signs.

Bellarmine was my home,

Through the highs and lows.


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