Harrison Lyons – Collection of Poems

  A beach adventure

 The wind brushed across my hair

Sun was  falling all was fair

The waves sweep across my ankles

As I admire the silence of all that is near

My head feels clear

I walk up the path

Continue through the dancing trees

Until I find my hut of a house

A fire already burning

I notice I’m hungry my stomach churning

I wonder through the large hut yearning

To find what I am looking for

I come to a cupboard

Of canned foods

Eagerly picking apart at the peaches

Thinking of my day on the beaches

And then it hits me…

My name

My name

I do not know it

I do not know how I came to be here

I let out a slight tear

I was here and I wasn’t here

But how was I here?

I recounted my steps

My mind in confusion

I started my day at the beach

Then ended with a peach

What was before the beach?

I could not remember

Did I have a family?

The thoughts came across my mind

As my gears began to grind

I thought extensively about the time

I must have a name

But what could it be

As I began wondering the island

It was dark but a torch led my way

I moved past the bay into the trees

The island looked so peaceful

Suddenly I saw an idol


An eagle

Why was there an Eagle?

It stood proudly on a rock

I look at it and begin to walk

I examine the eagle

It’s plain with barely a ridge

But yet in my eyes it symbolizes a bridge

A bridge to my name

Maybe to from where I came

The eagle feels to light

Almost hallow

But what could it be hiding?

I smashed it against a nearby rock

My name

My name

Was John

Or so said the paper of the eagle

One single word



I ponder the word

Who am I

I stare at the sky

I wonder

The thoughts roll across my head like thunder

I do wonder

Wondering the plain

I travel across the beach

My memories just out of reach

I have yet to hear speech

Where is everybody?

Lost in my thoughts the sun has risen

I feel trapped in a mental prison

No way to escape

Nobody to talk to

I am lost

The future

Days go by

I begin to hunt

I see it

I catch it

I’ve become like a machine

Nothing to intervene

My life is stuck in a boring routine

I constantly wonder where I must be until it hits me

I see a boat

I must get it’s attention

I feel the tension

Building as it might miss me

I start a fire

Burning like my fears

It notices me

I feel my tears

Atlast I will be home

But only where is home?

I have no memories

The ship sends out a small boat

The man hands me a coat

I forgot about clothes

The island has made me savage

The boat

The men aboard the boat

Give me food to keep me afloat

I eat three consistent meals

Of bread and beer and soup

I have decided to stay as a fisherman

To start my life over

The men tell my stories of life

Of the war

In Between each pour

Of beer

I find the war interesting

I do not know why

As I stare at the sky

I think of the sky

Blue like her eyes

Wait, her!

I remember my wife

The memories come back to me…


I was a pilot

In the war

I was on tour

My plane was hit

I fell to the ocean

I must’ve made it to an island

That was 5 years ago

There’s no way I was on an island for 5 years

But yet I was…

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