Josephine Maria Le Jeune – Poems

Bread of Life
The sweet prayers,
Drip off your tongue, like a spicy honey.
Singing hymns at mass,

While growing up side by side.
Learning everything from Jesus,
To how it feels when you hold my hand.
Working together to make this hour
Less than holy, but more than wasted time.

The only person I can be real with,

Expose my true thoughts,

Though you made up most of them.

I can’t stop talking to you,

Even when you call me at 2am.

Sacrificing my sleep,

And with it my good judgment

Goes down the drain.

You’re a poison that’s fun for me,

And I willing drink from the same cup,

Over and over, like I can’t stop.

Burning too hot

It’s burning too hot in this room,

Like a hell that’s bearable.

Nothing here will bloom,

I guess it’s not all that terrible.

Like a hell that’s bearable,

You come into my mind.

I guess it’s not all that terrible.

Convincing and unkind.

You come into my mind,

Bringing thoughts of what if.

Convincing and unkind.

Harder to read than a hieroglyph.

Bringing thoughts of what if,

You confuse my life until it’s a knot.

Harder to read than a hieroglyph,

I can’t be taught.

You confuse my life until it’s a knot.

Nothing here will bloom.

I can’t be taught,

It’s burning too hot in this room.

Bats Swinging
Bats swing in the warm night
So simple, this feels right.
Fire burning to my back,
Love is one thing we don’t lack.
Bug bites crawl up shaved legs,
Wrapped in summer’s tight hug.

The sun sinks below the mountain

Where the evergreens grow.

Our laughter blows unto the painted breeze,

Following us wherever we go with ease.
Dancing diamonds shimmer on the lake,
This memory is one thing they’ll never take.

A Rough Baptism
Waves pull me under the surface
Quick and relentless they take my breath
And don’t give it back.

Not enough faith to walk,

Just enough to stay afloat.

Burning skin withering, sinking;

A smoldering death,

On the Great Ganges.

Past the point of recovery.
I’ve gone too deep,
So far from the place where the water
blessed my feet.

The flames engulfing you are a little more than warm.
They’re forcing you under till you can’t stay awake-
But lovingly;
If you are beneath the waves long enough you’ll forget,
You need air.

Smoke fills your lungs so smug, turning them black,

No clear breath can get in.

Just try to remember you know how to swim.

An Abundance of Feelings

The emotions run deep;

Canyons too ancient for young hearts.

I wish I didn’t feel this sad,

Or mad,

Or glad.

Making enemies with strangers,

It’s hard for me to tell the difference,

Between diamonds and rhinestones,

I don’t know why I can’t stop


I know she’s trying to help

But it comes across as her not

Realizing my cry for it

I don’t know why I can’t stop


I had the best conversation today.

We’re not that close but,

At least it’s a little something to live off.

I don’t know why I can’t stop


unexpected goodbyes.

~to my grandmother~

you left without me.                           

weeping on my bedroom floor,

i can’t help but feel,

like i still needed you here.

don’t make me say goodbye yet.

your things are still here,

reminders that you are not.

a wilting flower,

memories now fade away.

those unexpected goodbyes.

Earth day 2019
Plastic floats in the water,
And washes up on the shore.
Cut down the endless trees,
Until there is nothing more.

Kids have to swing their bats,

On dirty wasted dust.

Karma is catching up;

No one left to trust.
Polar bears are hungry;
The land is bone dry.
Greed is consuming us;
The Earth has no ally.
Few are willing to change;
Stop our planet from dying.
It’s so sad to think of,
But not many are trying.
There might be a future,
Where nature gets respect.
There might be a future,
Where people and earth connect.
But we must do what’s right,
Some of us are capable.
What’s wrong must come to light;
The future is shapeable.

Teen Angst

Not for all the tea in China

They always say.

Never would I ever

Go back to being a teen.

Poking at our raw emotions

Like an operation game.

Worried about diction and being ladylike

Not fully realizing it’s a luxury.

At least I have the courage

To step out of that tiny box

Society made two sizes too small

While you choose to stay trapped.

I want to scream and pound

Tell you to stop controlling me

But you’d tell me, sweetie,

Keep your voice down people are staring.

Did it ever occur to you,

I might not be so innocent,

I might not want what you put out for me,

So carefully it’s painful.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m grateful.

But your bending me,

Beyond my breaking point.

Pretty soon something inside is going to snap.

Holy Vacation

My heart is like the Dead Sea,

Nothing lives there long…

But I’ll let you float a while.

Superbly melodramatic.

Polluted like the Jordan;

Once a river sacred to half the world,

Now a vile stream,

Fallen from the grace of God.

This wasteland burned;

Now something is growing:

Small and young,

But green, alive nonetheless.

Love is rushing back.

Ra is bringing back the Nile.

New waters flooding in,

Lush, deadly life returning.

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