Johnathan Pascual – “The Wanderer”

The little priestess, Luna, joins the adventurer’s guild in the big city she recently moved into, she is also given a necklace with a bronze medal to show her rank. Usually the job for a priestess on adventurers is to perform supporting miracles that will aid her allies in battle, it comes down to healing, buffing her allies strength, or casting wards of protection. She is eager to get out into the world and is approached by a fellow group of the lowest ranks, which is bronze. The groups plan is to defeat a group of goblins who have attacked a nearby village and kidnapped some villagers. Their little group consist of a fire mage named Aela, a fighter named Camila, and a swordsman named Roggvir, so Luna is a great fit towards their party as she is a priestess. Luna is pressured into joining them on their contract as the group of newbies brag about how easy it is to defeat these small goblins. Luna didn’t ask many questions as the group was in a hurry, so she didn’t have a single clue to what these people are capable of. The guild secretary, Lucy, is very worried as they set off quickly with very little to no preparation with Lucy knowing goblins shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As they arrive at the cave, where the goblins are nested, they see a totem with a skull on it as they enter. The group doesn’t think much of it, they just thought it would have hinted that goblins are inside. They venture deeper into the dark cave. They get about halfway through the cave and see the same totem but now the cave splits into two different routes. And as Camila and Roggvir went ahead to go scouting off for the left side, goblins came in from behind and were beginning to attack them, they were confused as they saw nothing as they were entering the cave but it turns out they were hiding in the shadows. The skull totem was placed purposefully as a distraction so that the goblins can jump humans or anything coming into their cave.

Fire mage Aela casts a spell killing goblins about to attack them, burning them to ashes. Luna was waiting for Aela to cast more spells to fend off the goblins as Camila and Roggvir are running back to them to help. But it turns out Aela was only able to cast a single miracle and is now helpless. Thankfully Roggvir was able to jump in and slice at the goblin before it was able to get its hands onto Aela. As Roggvir was doing his best to kill the goblins coming for their group more keep on funneling out from the inner part of the cave. But as Roggvir was  fighting off the goblins, the worst was still yet to come. Roggvir was fighting the goblins and as he was swinging, his sword hit the ceiling of the cave and went flying out of his hands. As he was disarmed the group of goblins swarmed him and killed him. Camila and Aela tried their best to fight them but there was too many goblins. Camila died and Aela was poisoned to the point where there is no saving her. But as the goblins were about to attack Luna, something came in and killed the goblin that was close to hitting Luna. Luna looked over and saw a man suited in iron armor from head to toe. And as Luna looked at him she noticed his diamond necklace, this knight is the highest rank you can be in the guild.

“W-who are you,” Luna asks the mysterious man.

“They call me The Wanderer,” replied the mysterious knight.

“I have to kill this girl to end her suffering,” said the mysterious knight.

“No! Maybe we can save her,” said Luna

“I’m sorry but there’s too much poison in her veins now, she cannot be saved,” said the knight.

“Alright sir. May you rest in peace Aela,” said Luna.

“How many more miracles do you have left, perhaps you can aid me greatly in this fight,” asked The Wanderer.

“I have two more sir,” said Luna.

“Mind if I ask what miracles they are?” said The Wanderer.

“I can cast heal and holy light sir,” replied Luna.

“All right, that is great. I will set up a tripwire trap right here in the split of the cave, it will come in handy if we need to retreat. Let us venture deeper for now though. There is a goblin shaman in this cave, you can easily tell with the skull at the entrance and at the fork. But rookies don’t think much of it. We need to clear out this cave until it is empty,” said The Wanderer.

“Understood, just let me know when you need me sir,” said Luna.

“Come here, if we cover ourselves in their blood it will cover our scent so that we can have the upperhand as we start this next fight,” said The Wanderer.

“I am completely against this sir, but I’ll do it so I can be of help,” hesitantly said Luna.

As they venture deeper into the cave, The Wanderer wiping out the goblins with ease, they find where the shaman is located.

“Here we are. Can you cast a holy light before I go in?” asked The Wanderer.

“Yes sir… Oh merciful earth mother, please give us strength and bless us, help those lost in darkness. Holy light!” chanted Luna.

The huge group of goblins were all blinded by this bright light. And as the spell was casted The Wanderer rushed in killing the goblins and even wiping out their shaman. A bigger goblin, called a hobgoblin, came out of nowhere striking at The Wanderer but he was quick to react. The Wanderer told Luna to fall back and as they got to the split in the cave Luna and The Wanderer jumped over the tripwire. The Wanderer told Luna to cast her holy light again. When she did the goblins fell into the trap and from there it was an easy clean up for The Wanderer.

As Luna and The Wanderer head back towards the guild Luna asked The Wanderer some questions.

“So what do you do usually?” said Luna.

“I kill goblins,” replied The Wanderer.

“Is that it?” said Luna.

“Yeah, I also hunt down goblin nests so I can eradicate it, I take contracts from the guild to slay goblins, and I go around cleaning this world of the foul goblins so I can avenge my sister,” said The Wanderer.

“Weird flex but okay,” said Luna.

The truth behind The Wanderer though is that he hunts down goblins until there are none left because of his dark childhood past. As The Wanderer was young he had an older sister which he looked up to a lot but one day she was kidnapped by goblins and was never seen again after an attack on his village. The Wanderer was left all alone since then because his younger sister moved to the city for a good education at a young age.

They finally return to the guild and immediately Lucy the guild secretary noticed that Luna had returned with The Wanderer and that the rest of the squad was missing. Lucy just assumed the worst, in which she was correct, and paid her respects. The Wanderer takes up another contract from the board to eliminate goblins. Luna wants to accompany The Wanderer in his quest. The Wanderer allows her if she is really down to go. Luna had just purchased chainmail to put beneath her clothes so that she is more protected while going on their adventures. With a months worth of the usual goblin contracts Luna had ranked up to the next guild rank of silver and has since learned a new miracle in the process. She had learned a miracle called protection. It works as a shield to block incoming damage but also allows her allies to shoot things such as arrows through it and blocks out enemies from getting close to them.

There is an odd group of adventures that consists of a one thousand year old high elf archer named Ayrenn (which is quite young for a high elf, it would probably be a young adult as a human), a dwarf mage named Sadryn, and a lizardman summoner named Milos. This odd group has been looking for The Wanderer, they have heard many songs about The Wanderer from bards in taverns that they have been to. They came barging into the guild, bickering at each other, and just started to yell at Lucy for if she knew of The Wanderers whereabouts. Lucy doesn’t pick it up immediately about who they are asking about because in high elf their way of tongue is different so Ayrenn was asking if there was someone named “Orcbolg” in the guild, which roughly meant goblin killer. Sadryn tried correcting her and asked if there was someone named “Bread-cutter,” but finally Milos figured it out that most people call him “The Wanderer,” Lucy then points them in his direction. The odd group looks at him and questions if it is really him. The Wanderer is a noble man but doesn’t have amazing shiny armor such as the other Diamond ranked members. Even the other Diamond ranked members look down on him just because he only kills little goblins, they don’t see him worthy as a diamond. But the odd group approaches The Wanderer and asks if they may have a meeting with him. They proceed with the meeting and the odd group talks about the return of The King of the Demons but The Wanderer is disinterested immediately since it doesn’t involve goblins. The odd group gets frustrated with him as the return of the Demon King could mean all hell breaks loose once again, but to The Wanderer, goblins are worst and are the top priority. The Demon King was defeated once before but that old group of heroes has holes in it as a few died in battle. They come to an agreement as to where this odd group just joins The Wanderer and Luna on their quests but if the Demon King appears one day they all have to join the battle.

They take up a big goblin quest, specifically asking for The Wanderer, where many people have gone missing. This goblin nest is different than anything that The Wanderer had seen. This goblin nest is located underground in a dungeon while usual nests are above ground in abandoned buildings or just a nest built from scratch. After they had wiped the two goblins that were on watch duty they enter the dungeon. On the walls were even some hieroglyphics of some sort and had pictures of goblins on the wall as well. As they traverse deeper they come to a point where they either go left or right.

“We don’t know much about this place so we must be careful on which way we pick,” said The Wanderer.

“It’s alright Bread-cutter, it appears that the floor to the left is more worn than the path to the right so we can assume more enemies come in and out through the left so we should check out the right side first to be safe,” said Sadryn.

“Good thinking short man,” teased Ayrenn.

As they took the right path they came to this one room that was a struggle to get open.

“By the divines! What have they done?! I can’t even look” gasped Ayrenn.

“They tortured this high elf, she’s on the brink of death,” said Milos.

“K-kill…” muttered the high elf.

“Understood,” said The Wanderer.

“Wait! You can’t do it Orcbolg,” yelled Ayrenn.

The whole group thought that The Wanderer was going to kill the high elf to put her out of her misery, as he had done before when he first encountered Luna. There was a goblin hiding right behind her about to kill her and jump the squad but lucky enough The Wanderer was just in time.

“What did you think I was going to do?” said The Wanderer.

“My heart stopped for a moment,” said Luna with a sigh of relief.

“It be like that sometimes,” said Ayrenn with a great sigh as well.

After that whole misunderstanding, the tortured high elf with the remaining strength in her, she pointed towards a bag off to the side before passing out. Located inside that bag was a map of the huge dungeon. Milos summoned a bone warrior to safely carry out the high elf all the way to her homeland. After acquiring the map they proceed deeper into the dungeon. They come across this huge ogre that is one of the spawns from the Demon King. They get into a big fight with this powerful ogre. They are fighting really hard but this ogre is a strong enemy. The ogre casts a huge fireball that burns up the big room that they are in from one corner to the other and Luna casts her protection miracle in the shape of a bubble. She has a hard time keeping the spell maintained throughout the burn of the fireball. She faints as the ogres attack fades away. The rest of them continue to fight but it’s hard to budge the ogre. The Wanderer has to pull out a trick up his sleeve. The Wanderer pulls out a scroll from his back satchel as he ran at the ogre full speed. He opened the scroll and water rushed out. The water under the most pressure at the sea floor had been swiftly unleashed, like a blade. This one time use scroll allows you to escape from anywhere in an instant, it is like a lifeline in battle, yet The Wanderer used it as a last resort weapon. Everyone was in shock as the huge ogre was cut in half. After that intense battle they take a quick break before they continued. Once they got some energy back they go even deeper so that this whole place can be cleared out. They come to this huge arched door and see another person that had been tortured. As they walked closer to the person, they see the hair come off their head and fall to the floor. The person had been dead already for a while. The doors shut behind them before they could react. It was sealed shut. Poison gas had began to enter the room through the holes in the wall.

“I had a feeling this would happen,” said The Wanderer.

“Don’t worry you all just try to hold your breath as much as you can while I try to patch these holes in the walls up,” said Sadryn.

“Move those legs faster midget! It sounds like a horde of goblins are trying to break through this door,” said Ayrenn.

“If the door falls we’re going to need that protection Luna,” said The Wanderer.

“Yes sir,” said Luna.

Sadryn was barely able to patch the last hole up in time before the gas was able to do a lot of damage. But shortly after the door was about to burst open.

“It’s about to open, get ready for a fight everyone,” said Milos.

“I’m putting protection up now! Oh merciful earth mother, please protect us, the weak with the powers of the earth. Protection!” chanted Luna.

The huge wall of protection went up in place of the door as it opened. Ayrenn immediately starting taking shots with her bow to pick off some of the goblins. Sadryn started throwing his magical rocks killing goblins as well. But after a minute there is still a ton of goblins, way too many to count, and Luna’s protection is wearing off. The Wanderer and Milos get ready for the close action. Luna’s miracle shatters and she falls to her knees. All of the goblins flood into the room, even a goblin champion enters the room. A rare goblin big in stature that has lived twice as long as the small goblins. They all do their best to fight them off but it seems to be too much. Ayrenn and Sadryn get pushed into one of the corners as they are fighting. Milos, trying to help The Wanderer with the goblins on him. The goblin champion heads over to Luna. Luna is tired to the point where she can’t even get up to run. The Wanderer notices and tries to rush over to save her but then gets hit by the goblin champion that sends him flying across the room and smashing into the wall. Luna screams as she sees The Wanderer cough up blood and not get up. She has always seen The Wanderer as this unstoppable goblin slayer but she now sees him on the edge of defeat. The goblin champion picks up Luna and attempts to choke her. The Wanderer slowly gets up, and limps his way over to Luna. With the remaining strength The Wanderer has he picks up the hair of the person who was tortured to death, leaps up onto the goblin champion’s back and begins to choke it.

“Assassins in the past used to use hair to choke people out! They said it is one of the best methods!” said The Wanderer.

The goblin champion dies and falls over but The Wanderer falls over as well with no more strength. Ayrenn, Sadryn, and Milos were able to kill off the small goblins but had many scars. After this huge fight they return to the guild as soon as they can, so that they all may get healed. In that fight Luna had seen another side of The Wanderer that she had not seen before. Even Ayrenn and Sadryn, they are always bickering between each other but they got each others back in the end where it all matters. The next day, they are chilling in the guilds medical room talking about the whole thing that went down. After this huge contract they get paid good money and all become closer as a group.

“Whoa maybe that whole contract was worth it! We were paid really well,” said Ayrenn.

“You weren’t acting like that the other night. You were on the ground screaming for help. You’re lucky I was there or else I probably could have double the money I got right now haha!” said Sadryn.

“We all did well out there!” said Luna.

“I really cannot believe we made it out, and to think there could be more places overrun with goblins,” said Milos.

“Everyone listen. This has to be something leading up to another thing way bigger. That contract was assigned by the one and only Bella. She is the sword maiden that had helped defeat the Demon King the last time it had showed up. If she is asking for our help this is getting serious,” said The Wanderer.

“I told you the King of the Demons is on the come up,” said Ayrenn.

“Yes, I understand that but it doesn’t involve me unless there is goblins for me to slay. If there is goblins then I am more than ready to fight,” said The Wanderer.

With this, things are just beginning, the big battle is ahead of them and it’s not the Demon King. Bella had a dream of high goblin activity somewhere and she knew it wasn’t just a random dream, it has to be something.

It turns out that a group of four powerful adventurers had defeated the Demon King before anything too serious happened. The group of four were promoted to the rank Hero. Only five others had achieved this rank in the past. But as many adventures were cautious about the Demon King something else had come up from the shadows. As The Wanderer did his daily patrols on his country side home just outside the city in which he had been living for half a year now with his younger sister. Usually nothing is damaged or there is no signs of goblin trails, the most he had seen was just weather damage to some fences. But as he came to the far side of the field he came across something he had never seen before. Thousands of goblin footprints. They were probably there the other night scouting the area. The Wanderer knew exactly what was happening. It has to be the Goblin Lord. They have to be planning an attack on the city soon if they are targeting the area of his home outside the city. The Wanderer has to act quick.

As dawn came The Wanderer set out immediately to the guild. The Wanderer asks for everyone’s attention and asks for all of the guilds help. The adventurers did not want to help at first as they just see The Wanderer as the odd quiet one obsessed with goblins. So one of them asks.

“What’s in it for us? Why should we even help you?” said an adventurer.

“I will give you everything of mine. All my possessions, my money, and even my life,” said The Wanderer.

“Whoa, chill out dude, I didn’t think this meant that much to you. Fine, my group and I will lend you a hand. But buy me a drink once all this is done,” said the adventurer.

The guild secretary Lucy came out running with a whole bag of contracts. She came out to help The Wanderer to get more people to join this big fight.

“One gold coin for every goblin that you kill!” said Lucy.

And immediately the entire guild was on board. One single gold coin is already a lot of money. With tons of goblins slain at the hands of The Wanderer he has a lot of experience and comes up with a well organized plan to fight the attack of the goblins. The night of the attack of goblins, many adventurers were positioned ready to fight. The Wanderer was right. The first wave of goblins flooded out of the trees. Hundreds of them. But everything went as planned. The Wanderer had said that goblins are used to ambushing but are not used to getting ambushed. A wizard and Sadryn casted a sleep spell knocking out all the goblins with shields and from there many adventurers jumped out from the tall grass they were hiding in and began to fight. The second wave had goblins on riding on the back of wolves but again The Wanderer had planned ahead for if something like this happened. They allowed the goblins to rush them but as soon as they got close enough and the wolves jumped at them to attack, the group of adventurers each raised up wooden spikes and the wolves jumped straight into them. And from there they just killed the goblins as they weren’t prepared for such a thing. The Goblin Lord probably felt shocked and sent out the group of hobgoblins, orges, and goblin champions. All these big goblins are two to three times the size of a normal human. This was the final wave of goblins that The Wanderer had predicted. Honestly, this fight was just a fight of brute force. The diamond ranked veteran adventurers and the some of the platinum ranked adventurers were the ones that dealt with this. It was a little bit of a struggle but in the end they prevailed. The Wanderer’s strategy was well thought out and worked almost perfectly, they even had backup plans if things went south but luckily they did not need it.

But as this huge fight is going on The Wanderer was doing work in the backline of the goblin horde. He went to the cave which they came out of and was killing goblins there. As the guild adventurers almost won the fight the Goblin Lord began to retreat as it didn’t know what to do. The Goblin Lord didn’t have a place to return to though as The Wanderer had cleared the cave. As the Goblin Lord reached the cave The Wanderer was exiting the cave as he wiped out all the goblins inside. And now came The Wanderer to fight the Goblin Lord. They had a good stare down before anyone made a move, but then the Goblin Lord charged at The Wanderer, full speed, striking at The Wanderer with his axe. The strike was so powerful it broke the face of The Wanderer’s shield. But as the Goblin Lord got all cocky The Wanderer got a clear slice in between the Goblin Lord’s eyes but then was immediately knocked down to the side as the Goblin Lord screamed in pain. The Goblin Lord then stood over The Wanderer as he laid there. But as soon as The Wanderer was able to get onto his feet the Goblin Lord hit him with a heavy attack, cutting him deep in his arm and knocking him down yet again. The Wanderer’s sword was broke into two. One half was in his hand, and the other was in the chest of the Goblin Lord. The Wanderer managed to stab the Goblin Lord as he was hit. But now he is struggling to rise to his feet. Although the blade is in the Goblin Lord, he is still in better condition than The Wanderer. The Goblin Lord began to stomp on The Wanderer laughing away at him. Now, The Wanderer laid there. Not moving a single muscle. The Goblin Lord went to finish him but as the Goblin Lord swung his axe, he froze. It was as something was holding him back. Luna emerged from the forest behind The Wanderer, glowing brightly, as the Goblin Lord was filled with disbelief.

“Oh merciful earth mother, please protect us, the weak, with the powers of the earth. Protection!” Luna shouted.

The miracle known as protection, previously used as a shield by Luna was then casted twice front and back of the Goblin Lord trapping him in a tight makeshift cage. The cage was so tight that the blade stuck in the chest of the Goblin Lord was struck deeper into him causing more damage. The Wanderer suddenly rose to his feet using the slightest bit of strength in him and his broken sword to slice the neck of the Goblin Lord. But after doing so he fell back and fainted into the arms of Luna. Luna used her last miracle available to heal the deep cut on The Wanderer’s arm. The Wanderer put a lot of trust into Luna to pull off something great there. It could’ve been a lot of trouble if the miracles weren’t casted correctly. But just as everything else that had happened that night of the fight, The Wanderer always had a plan. Dawn came as everyone was exhausted from the big fight. And that night they all celebrated with lots of drinks.

The Wanderer asked for help in the way he did, willing to give everything away and almost begging for the guilds help up front was because if it was a simple contract posted on the wall then many people would overlook it as people rarely accept goblin contracts. Which happened to The Wanderer’s village when he was young, no one came, which then lead to his sister’s death and many other people as well. He was not about to take that risk and let the same thing happen again but to this place.

The Wanderer is relieved that the Goblin Lord is gone. With the Goblin Lord gone, goblin activity will slow down greatly. The Wanderer has been thinking about the future for a while. He isn’t too sure on what’ll happen next in life for him if there isn’t much goblins much anymore. He feels lost but is slowly getting a clearer idea of what’s to come. But he also feels happy for getting as much revenge as possible for his older sister and making some great friends along the way, doing what he can to rid of the goblins. He is the hero to many people but he doesn’t even know about it.

He was just an ordinary young man. He was a man you could find anywhere. The gods favored him as well, but they didn’t expect anything special from him. For he was just another pawn they could find anywhere else. However, The Wanderer was slightly different from the others. He was always coming up with strategies, thinking, taking action, training, using his wits, and being thorough. He never let the gods roll the dice. And then, one day, the gods finally realized… He would probably never save the world. He would probably never change anything. For he was just another pawn they could find anywhere else. But he would never let the gods roll the dice. And that’s exactly why the gods don’t even know the fate of The Wanderer. His battle continues today, somewhere out there.

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