Ally Downing – ” The Land of Agliven: The Power of the Flame ”

     If looks could kill. Every minute building up to this made my stomach turn. It has been a month since I showed up in Agliven and found out that the evil warlock here, was actually my brother, who killed my parents all because he wanted more power. Just looking at his face filled my entire body with anger. Visions of my childhood flashed in my brain. I couldn’t help but think that everything could have been different. If my brother had not have gone crazy, I could have grown up with loving parents in a magical land where I would have been taught how to use my powers. Instead I had little control over them and I was expecting to use them to defeat my deranged brother. It’s crazy how I keep calling him my brother. I don’t even know his real name. I doubt that it’s really King Phoenix.

     These strong thoughts kept going through my brain, so I did my best to push them back and focus as I started to approach the field. He yelled from across it.

     “Hello sister. This has been a long time coming.” Said King Phoenix.

     “As far as I’m concerned you lost the right to call me that as soon as you killed our parents.” I said.

     “Ouch feisty, it’s almost a shame I’m going to have to kill you.” Said King Phoenix.

     “Not if I kill you first.” I said.

     “Those are big threats for someone who didn’t even know they had powers a couple weeks ago. My powers are far greater than yours will ever be. No one is greater than King Phoenix!”

     Suddenly, he shot up a line of fire from his hands. It was obvious the back and forth banter was getting on his nerves.

     “Enough talking! Let’s begin!” Said King Phoenix.

     The sky shifted from a clear day to a grey gloomy day with clouds blocking the sun so it was dark all throughout the realm. It started raining with thunder and lighting. It was almost like the land knew there was a war happening. I knew this was not going to help the situation. I looked at King Phoenix, and he looked at me. I turned around to see Lilac, Asher, and Queen Ophelia Rose. They nodded at me insinuating it was time. Both sides starting charging to the middle of the field.

     I met King Phoenix in the middle of the battle. Everyone around us fighting for their lives. We walked slowly in a circle watching the other carefully. All around there was clashing of swords and shooting of arrows, people screaming. I have never heard such a piercing sound and my eyes started to tear up. I could see in my brothers eyes however, that the sounds of those dying danced around in his head like a harmony to a song that he has listened to his whole life. I was the first to fire. I used both my hands and I tried to push him using my telekinesis. But he blocked it.

     “Is that all you have sister? You are nothing like our mother.” Said King Phoenix.

     I knew exactly what he was doing and I told myself it wasn’t going to work, but hearing the words affected me more than I thought and I got angry. With more power I tried to push him down again. He blocked it but stumbled a little.

     “Someone’s getting angry I see.” I said.

    He shot back at me with his fireball, but I dodged that. I wasn’t too confident with my blocking yet. I didn’t want to test it on something that could burn me alive. Our fight was heating up, not just literally, we continued to shoot back and forth to each other and I knew I was getting weaker. I could feel myself losing the grip I had on my powers. Of course he could sense I was getting weaker.

     “It’s not easy is it?  Being this powerful is hard I deserve more credit from you people with all the havoc I’ve created.” King Phoenix said.

     “All you’ve done is tear away everything good and beautiful in this land.” I said.

     “You make it sound like a bad thing. I will not stop until this land and all its’ people belong to me.” He said.

     We both got angry, and launched at each other again. We were so close up that instead of using our powers we were full on fighting with our hands. We exchanged blows and he obviously didn’t care about chivalry. I knew I wouldn’t be able to win, but I was determined to keep going.

     “Look around sister, get a good last look. To your friends, your mentor, this land, all its secrets and memories of your parents, gone.” King Phoenix said.

     I looked around to see my friends and Queen Ophelia Rose still alive and fighting. The thought of losing them after only just finding them sent a pain through my heart like a sword was driven through it. Then I got an idea.

     “If you are so strong and powerful prove it. Grab your swords and fight me. We can not use our magic, only our swords. We’ll fight to the death, then we will see who’s the strongest.” I said.

     A smile formed on his face that showed pure confidence. He bent down and picked up a sword from a body on the ground. Now I had to find one. I didn’t want to take one from a body on the ground because that felt disrespectful, but if I didn’t do that, everyone in Agliven would end up just like them. I took the first one I saw. He twirled it in his hand as a sign of experience, showing he wasn’t afraid to kill me. Unfortunately, my fear causes ten sword to shake in my trembling hand. I tried to calm down before he saw but he noticed.

     He gave a little chuckle which made me red with fury. We ran at each other and the clashing of the metal was the only thing you would be able to hear. His skill was far greater than mine. He was dodging and twirling out if the way, but I anticipated that. I was struggling to keep up. He swung at me and I used my sword to block it, but it sent me flying to the ground. He came over and leaned over me trying to show dominance. He swung his sword trying to finish me off but I blocked it, this time he held it there trying to push past mine. I pushed back and that left us both using all our power. The strongest person would eventually win the fight. The swords started getting closer to me.

     “It’s probably sad for the people of Agliven. Having to put there lives in the hands of you. A weak, stupid girl who has no family.” He said.

    “You might want to guess again who the stupid one is.” I said.

     I quickly grabbed another sword lying on the ground and sent it through his stomach. Before he knew what happened, he let go of his sword and fell backwards. His face looked shocked. I got up and turned to him with a brave look on my face. The battle went silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing. Some of King Phoenix’s faithful servants made a run for it seeing there master get stabbed, they realized he wouldn’t be able to protect them from the grave. As I was about to walk away, he got up and pulled the sword right out of his stomach. And dropped it in the ground. His closest servant, Gorg the elf, ran over to him. I was at a lost of words for what was happening.

     “How— how the heck?” I questioned.

     “You brat. You don’t understand anything do you. You can’t kill me. I am immortal. My reign will never end as long as I’m alive, and that is forever.” He said this while trying to catch his breath. That just proved he was weaker. “You really don’t know anything. I will kill you for going back on your word.” Said King Phoenix.

     “I didn’t go back on anything. I said swords not sword.” I said.

     “You tricked me! And for that your death will be slow and painful.”

     I was out of ideas. If a sword straight through the chest couldn’t kill him I didn’t know what could. All hope was lost. I did everything I was supposed to do and it wasn’t enough. He was going to kill me. I thought about my friends who have become my family. The anger was filling up inside me. Suddenly the ground started to shake.

     “What is going on master?” Gorg said.

     “It’s the girl, I can feel the power coming off of her.” He seemed surprised yet happy. “Everybody retreat back to the fortress!” King Phoenix screamed.

     Everything had broken in to chaos. The ground was shaking so much it was hard to stay up. I looked around but everything was spinning around me. It was like a barrier was formed around me. I wanted to leave, but as soon as it touched the tip of my finger it shocked me. I couldn’t explain the feeling of it. I felt trapped, but also stronger than I’ve ever been. It was like I had a boost of power but I wasn’t sure what it was from. In my own thoughts I had images of the land. It was weird because there were parts if it I had never seen before. Almost like it wasn’t coming from my eyes. These visions consumed me to the point where I noticed nothing around me. It wasn’t until Queen Ophelia used her powers to break the barrier, and suddenly I felt weak again. I fell to the ground and everything in my eyes went blurry.

     I woke up to the most beautiful room I had ever seen. I was laying in a bed with white covers with gold detailing all over it. The bed frame was gold and had flower carved details all around it that went all the way to the top, where the white lace canopy flowing over the bed. I got out of the bed and stumbled a little but my curiosity got the better of me. The rest of the room took my breath away. All the furniture was white with the same gold detailing that was carved. Each flower different then the other. In very unique pots were these gorgeous flowers that I had seen from my paintings, the ones with the gems in the middle. I looked up to the ceiling and it was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. I completely disregarded the huge crystal chandelier. It was hand painted with many creatures and nature all over the ceiling that went down to the walls. I recognized the fairies on there that had appeared to me earlier. As I was looking at the magic on the wall, it started to come to life. The fairies came and danced around me leaving trails of sparkles, a white graceful deal with dots that formed a pattern on their head appeared in the corner of the room. Music started to play and it started to snow. The fairies came around me and as they danced around me, they lifted me into the air. I was spinning and twirling and for the first time since I’ve been here a laugh came out of my mouth. Out of all the darkness that has been happening, these creatures maintain so much light, and that reassured me that as long as they are here, his evil will never win. They returned me to the floor just as Queen Ophelia Rose walked knocked on the door.

     “Come in.” I said. As she walked in I gave her a bow.

     “How are you feeling child?” She asked.

     “Oh much better thank you.” I said.

     “I see you have discovered the magic in these walls. Isn’t it beautiful.” She said.

     “It really is magical.” I said.

     “I really wouldn’t want to ruin the mood, but we need to talk about what happened. I have never seen the realm shake like that, and it seemed to be coming from you.” She said.

     “I don’t know what was happening. I was so scared and angry but it was a feeling I have never felt before. I need to know what it was.” I said.

     “I might have an idea. Follow me.” Said Queen Ophelia.

     I did as she said and followed her out into the hall. It was a grand room with paintings on the walls and the highest ceilings anyone could ever imagine. Before the battle when I was here, my days were filled with training and eating and sleeping that was it. I never got to explore the castle and I certainly had never seen that beautiful room. She led me to a huge brown door that she pushed open and inside there were stacks and stacks of books. There were long tables in the center of the room and sitting at one of them was Asher and Lilac. They both have been great friends to me over this great journey, even though we barely knew each other. It’s only been a month and most of it I was training so we never really talked about ourselves. Maybe that would change soon.

     Me and the Queen walked over and sat down. There were about a dozen of old books that looked like they have been through a lot in the middle of the table.

     “What are we doing here?” I asked.

     “Oh can I tell her pretty please with cherry on top!” Said Lilac. Queen Ophelia nodded her head.

      “Well it was said that a long time ago there was a baby girl born here in Agliven, and she possessed the power of the flame. The power of the flame is the core of the world, and if you obtain that power you can control all of the worlds elements. When that girl had a baby she passed the power on to her, and so on with all the generations of baby girls. It was rumored that Jocelyn, your mother possessed those powers, therefore..”

     “I have those powers.” I said

     “That is correct dear one. That would explain why the ground started to shake when you were scared. It activated your powers. That would also explain why King Phoenix retreated instead of finishing us all off. He has been after the power of the flame for as long as I can remember.” Said Queen Ophelia.

     “That must have been why he killed your parents and tried to kill you. He was trying to get the power of the flame.” Said Asher.

     “But why did he have to kill me? We have the same mother the power would have been passed on to him.” I said.

     “That is incorrect. The legend says it can only be passed on the a baby girl, not a boy.” Said Lilac.

     “It all makes sense.” Said Asher.

     All of this was so much to take in at once.

     “Why are all of these books here?” I asked.

     “We are doing research on how to defeat King Phoenix because you know the whole immortal thing.” Said Lilac.

     “I’m sorry this too much I need some air.” I rushed up from the bench and walked towards the door. Then I heard a voice telling me to wait. I turned around and it Queen Ophelia.

     “Yes your majesty?” I said.

     “Please Freya Dawn, call me Aunt Ophelia. You remind me so much of your mother. She was a kind and gracious women. You have her strickeng girl eyes. She would be so proud of the women you are. I understand you need a breather. I would suggest the garden. Follow the corridor to the end and take a left. It really is quite magical. Said Ophelia.

     “Thank you.” Although I tried to be strong a tear rolled down my face and I gave her a hug. I didn’t know if that was allowed but I couldn’t help it. I quickly got off and then gave her a bow and scuttled away.

     “Okay children let’s get to reading.” Said Ophelia.

     I walked in the direction that Queen Ophelia had told me too. When I walked out into the garden it was very pretty. There was a massive fountain in the middle and trees all around with flowers hanging from the branches. There was a giant hedge maze that I would not be entering, and in the corner there was a white swing bench that I went over and sat in. Apparently I had been at there for 30 minutes just thinking and I didn’t even realize until Lilac came out to me.

     “Hey.” I said.

     “Hey back. Look I know you wanted to be on a break right now but we found some really good information.” Said Lilac.

     “Sure, what is it?” I said. She had in her hand two books. The first one she opened, there was a page with and amulet. It was a fine piece of jewelry.

     “This is the amulet of the flame. It is a magical necklace that can trap people inside of it. It was created long ago to maintain the baddest of the bad warlocks. Then here it says that it can only be accessed with someone who has the heart of fire, which is you with your flame power. I believe that if we stab King Phoenix it will make him weaker, which we then use the amulet to trap him inside. To find it we have to follow this map that contains hard obstacles that only the person with the power of the fame can get by. That way he won’t be able to rise from the ashes. Get it because he’s—“ Lilac Said.

     “Ya I got Phoenix will rise from the ashes, how long were you working on that one?” I asked

     “Since you came to town.” She said.

     We both started to laugh and it felt like we really bonded during that time. She shared more information we have found. Anyone who has the power of the flame gets a dragon at their call whenever they need it. Seems pretty cool to me. I don’t know how she did it but she found an old family tree of mine that dates way back. It even showed my name but with no picture. There was my mom and dad. Seeing them made me tear up because I have never really seen them before. Below them with me was someone named August but I had no idea, until I looked at the picture.

     “Is that?” Asked Lilac.

     “Yes, it must be.” I Said.

     After finding all that information the Queen wanted to celebrate our success in our search. We knew we need to go find the amulet but right now we decided to have a feast. Everyone in the palace was invited and it was just what I needed for things to feel at least a little normal. We would head off to find the amulet in the morning.

     I woke up the next morning and Asher, Lilac, and I got ready to head out. We packed supplies in a backpack and said goodbye the Queen. Although she wanted to come, she still had a Kingdom to look out for and couldn’t afford to leave it. We followed the map to a cave and followed it inside. It was pitch black and no one could see anything.

     “Did anyone bring a flashlight?” I asked.

     “What’s a flashlight?” Lilac asked.

     “Never mind.” I Said.

     We kept walking very carefully until the cave opened up into a huge room. With many obstacles ahead. All of a sudden, Lilac and Asher disappeared. I looked around but they were nowhere.

     “Asher! Lilac!” They just vanished.

     Then one by one a torch lit on the walls, lightning up the whole cave. Now I could see clearly. On the ground there was a stand with any weapon you could chose. All around there were floating blocks to the highest of the cave. I went and grabbed a sword, because I felt like I was going to need it. Then out of nowhere a huge dragon flew from a hole in the ground. I dropped my sword out of fear but after staring for a good fives seconds I picked it back up, and while I was at it, I grabbed a shield. The dragon was flying around in the air and turned at me and breathed fire. I couldn’t dodge it so I used my shield to protect myself from it. I then ran to the first block near the ground and started to make my way up those. At the halfway mark there was a platform that I was standing on. If I fell, I would die, if I stayed on the ground, I would die. The options weren’t very high for me but I had to do something. I had to keep dodging the fire because my powers weren’t reaching him and and neither would the sword. There was only one thing I could do. As soon as he came near me I jumped onto him, holding on with dear life. I managed to crawl to his back and when I got there I found he had a neck chain on. It was gold and glowing and I could feel the magic off it. I thought quickly and used my powers to break it off. It took a lot of power out if me but I had to do it. after using all my strength I was beat. The dragon then came to a stop and then descended to the ground. He put out his wing and I slide down it like a slide. When I stood up he began to speak to me.

     “Hello Freya Dawn of Agliven. By showing your bravery and quick thinking, you have completed the trials of the flame. You have proven yourself worthy of the amulet, but I must ask you one more thing. Why do you wish to possess the amulet?” The dragon asked.

     “It’s the only way I can save the entire realm. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I won’t give up, not until good triumphs over evil.” I said. The dragon gave me a nod. Then a pillar in the ground started to rise up, and at the top of it was a box. I grabbed the box and opened it to find the amulet. It was stunning.

     “You must keep this safe at all costs. Do not let it fall into the wrong hands or this world as we know it will be over. With this trial you have gained the amulet but you have also obtained an ally.” He said.

     “You’re the dragon of the flame.” I said

     “Indeed I am Freya Dawn. I knew your mother. She was in the exact same position you are in right now. If you ever need assistance just summon me.” He said.

     “How do I do that I don’t even know your name?” I asked.

     “When the time comes you will know exactly what to do. Until then keep this amulet safe. The future of this world rests in your hands.” He said.

     He then flew back into the ground. Part of me wanted to follow him and find out more about my mom, but I had a responsibility to get this back to the palace. I walked out of the cave and found Lilac and Asher sitting there.

     “Thank god you are alright we were so worried. Pretty necklace!” Said Lilac.

     “We were right behind you when all of a sudden we were out here. When we tried to go back in it wouldn’t let us. What happened in there?” Asked Asher.

     “It was something I had to do on my own. The good thing is I got the necklace and we can head back to the palace.” I said.

     We started walking back to the palace and we had some time, so I decided to get to know them a little better.

     “Hey I don’t want to intrude but I feel like I barely know you guys. I always see you at the palace but where are your parents?” I asked. Their demeanor changed.

     “I’m sorry you don’t have to answer.” I said.

     “No it’s fine. When we were younger both our parents fought in a war against King Phoenix. Unfortunately, that was the last day we saw them.” Said Asher.

    “I am so sorry.” I Said.

    “Why are you apologizing it wasn’t your fault.” Said Lilac.

    My conscience in me couldn’t help but feel that it was. He was my brother and turned bad because I got the power and he didn’t. That must be the case with a lot of people in this realm. We made it back to the palace and when we entered something felt different. There was almost a dark energy in the room. We walked into the throne room and what we saw felt like a stab to the heart. Sitting on the throne was King Phoenix and next to him Queen Ophelia was standing there tall.

    “What are you doing here? Let the queen go!” I said.

    “I’m sorry sister but she isn’t here by force. We are a team.” He said.

 “I believe you have something we need Freya Dawn.” Said Ophelia.

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