Belles Lettres – A Literary Magazine

Belles Lettres (French for “Fine Writing”) is a literary magazine managed by the creative writing class at Bellarmine Preparatory School in Tacoma, Washington. Please read and share. We can be reached at

Call for Submissions:

We, the creative writing class, are looking for student submissions the third issue of Belles Lettres. In general, all manuscripts should 1) follow MLA standards, 2) be in Times New Roman, 12 font, and double spaced, 3) be anonymously submitted –No names on the manuscript but be sure to include the title and author’s name in the email subject line– , 4) include a short introductory email about the submission, 5) be school appropriate. 

Submission Theme: Connection in Isolation. (Anything to do with finding connection with the people you love, even if it seems impossible.)

Send submissions to: by May 11. 


  1. Length is a maximum of two pages 
  2. Limit: two submissions per person


  1. Between 5-7 pages 


  1. Between 1-4 pages
  2. Interested in essays, interviews, and biographies that address the submission theme.

Sci-Fi/ Fantasy 

  1. Length: 2-5 pages in length.


  1. Visual art that can be replicated in digital and print format that is related to the theme.

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